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Marking the return of actor, director and producer Amol Palekar to traditional Indian cinema after years, 200 Halla Ho released on Zee5 today. It is based on real events that took place in the city of Nagpur in 2004 and will leave you in awe of its relevance in today’s world. Here’s everything you need to know about the director Sarthak Dasgupta 200 Halla Ho true story and cast.

200 Halla Ho true story –

17 years ago, Nagpur, a city in Maharashtra, experienced one of the most brutal yet cathartic results on the shiny white marble floor of the Nagpur District Court. Akku Yadav, a local thug, extortionist, serial rapist and murderer, was lynched to death by 200 Dalit women from Kasturba Nagar. According to history, Dalit women are the most oppressed and abused women in India, and even today they face similar discrimination and disparaging treatment in the name of caste. On August 13, 2004, these women took justice into their own hands and marched inside the district court with chili powder and paring knives. They stabbed Yadav over 70 times, and even stabbing represented the freedom of a gangster who controlled the local police and incited gang rapes for over 15 years.

200 Halla Ho

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the injustice suffered by Dalit women. It also touches on the subject of rape and how a criminal accused of rape and assault tries to escape using loopholes in the system.

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200 Halla Ho film distribution –

200 Halla Ho

Looks like Amol Palekar is playing a senior lawyer when he returns to the movies. Sahil Khatter plays the criminal accused of threatening rape in 200 Halla Ho. It also seems Saïrat Rinku Rajguru fame plays a central role here. And Salon Batra, who has featured in Bollywood movies like Taish, Uljhan – The knot, Soni, and Parchayee. The film also stars Barun Sobti, Indraneil Sengupta and Upendra Limaye.

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