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SALT LAKE CITY – This week’s big movie is a 25-year follow-up. Was Space Jam: A New Legacy worth the wait?

The highly anticipated Space Jam: A New Legacy debuts in theaters on Friday, July 16 and stars Lakers superstar Lebron James in his first major onscreen role. Warner Brothers spared no nostalgia to bring their cast of favorite looney cartoons to life, taking on live-action stars in a loose sequel to the popular 1996 original.

Doug & Steve: Space Jam too long, not great

“I would have liked to have liked this movie more,” Doug Wright said on the KSL Movie Show on Friday, “but I found myself waiting for it to end.”

The movie ruIt’s an hour and 55 minutes, and it seems a long time, said Steve Salles.

“A young girl in the row behind me at the movies kept asking her mother if the movie was over. It is never a good sign.

The guys agreed on a solid C rating, saying some kids will enjoy appearances and action sequences from the cartoons.

Space Jam: A New Legacy opens nationwide on Friday, July 16 in theaters and is rated PG. Viewers can also stream it on HBO Max.

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