Amandla Netflix Movie – Cast and Filming Locations

Amandla has currently widened its audience and the film has ranked among the top ten films on Netflix in the United States. Do you want to know more about the cast and locations of the African crime drama film. Here we have all the details you want to know about the Netflix Original which is currently available on the streaming giant.

The main actors who appeared in the Amandla

The cast of the film Amandla also consists of great African actors, musicians and producers. Here we have some information about the actors and their characters:

Lemogang Tsipa as Impi

Lemogang is a South African actor famous for his role in films like eKasi+ who was born on May 6, 1991 in Cape Town, South Africa and started his career as a cameraman and director in a few short films after which he has appeared in films like Bad Luck Theory, The Land of Nowhere, Twisted Guidance, Native Son, Diamond Trail, The Interviews, Soul Driver, Felix, Outpost 37, Beyond the River and The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind.

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In Amandla, he gave his best as Impi who is Zulu and brother of Nkosana who faced tragedies since childhood and how they fought for their survival in crime drama.

Thabo Rametsi is like Nkosana

Thabo Rametsi is like Nkosana in Amalanda

Thabo Rametsi is a South African actor and producer who has directed films and TV series like The Giver, Homeland, The Gamechangers, Hard Copy, Shadow and The Flat Tires.

In Netflix’s Amandla, he is cast as Impi’s older brother Nkosana who was on the right track and has a contrasting character to his brother Impi.

Israel Matseke Zulu is in the role of Shaka

Israel Matseke Zulu is an African actor, poet, singer and dancer who has directed various television series and films and leads a theater troupe of which he is the director.

Israel Matseke Zulu is in the role of Shaka

Israel Matseke-Zulu stars as Shaka, the film’s main antagonist.

Charles Bouguenon as Drill Sergeant

Charles is also a South African actor who has directed various international series and movies like Homeland, Transformers: The Last Knight, Bloodshot and many more.

Amandla’s filming locations

The Netflix movie “Amandla” was filmed in various locations in South Africa, with the bulk filmed in Gauteng, South Africa and Johannesburg. Few scenes were also shot in Limpopo, South Africa, in areas like Mokopane, Moorddrift Dair and R101 Moorddrift Dair.

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