Apple TV+’s The Luck Movie: Cast, Plot, Synopsis & When Will It Air?

The concept of luck is universal. Certainly, the manifestation of this concept and its beliefs are different in each culture, some downright absurd. Yet the idea is that some endeavors are beyond our abilities or willpower and depend on luck or chance.

With obvious deductions, we humans have made the concept have two sides again – good luck, which helps you out of situations the ability might have no control over, and bad luck, which nullifies all efforts for the worse.

Apple TV+ delivers a magical tale of this concept with Skydance Animations’ animated fantasy film, Luck.


The Magical Tale is August 5, 2022, globally and exclusively on AppleTV+.


Peggy Holmes’ directing project from a screenplay written by Kiel Murray, Jon Aibel and Glenn Berger; Apple TV+ and Skydance Animations bring a nice; original and adventurous story of the world’s unluckiest girl – Sam Greenfield and his discovery of The Land Of Luck; a land forbidden to humans, and her subsequent quest for a Lucky Penny for her roommate, Hazel accompanied by her magical friends from the mystical Land.


The film not only boasts a charming concept, but also a star-studded cast, including acclaimed star Jane Fonda as the Dragon, Eva Noblezada (a Broadway star) as the protagonist Sam Greenfield as the girl the unluckiest in the world who stumbles across The Land of Luck, Simon Pegg (known for projects like The Ice Age and Adventures Of Buck Wild) as Bob – a lucky black cat from the Land of Luck and Sam’s partner , Whoopi Goldberg as the captain – in charge of security in the land of luck , Flula Tant as the engineer in charge of the machine that distributes luck to everyone and dreams of regaining their joy of life. Colin O’Donoghue as Gerry, a loyal pixie, John Ratzenberger as Rootie, an unlucky root, and Adelynn Spoon as Hazel, Sam’s roommate, will join the cast.


The plot centers on The Unluckiest Girl Alive – Sam Greenfield and her foray into the mysterious and mystical land of Luck; which she discovered by accident. The Earth is full of magic and beauty, including dragons, unicorns, cats, pigs, rabbits, and other unimaginable beings except only humans.

The Land of Chance is forbidden to Humans; and viewers will have a great time seeing how a human in such a land; will survive and complete her quest for a Luck Penny for her best friend in her foster home; Haz, who wants a forever family for herself.

Of course, our dear protagonist will be accompanied in this adventure by her magical friends; Bob, the luckiest cat in the land of luck, and many more.

On this life-changing journey, will she learn that there are stronger forces than the strongest luck in the world?

The answer lies when the film premieres August 5 on Apple TV+. Mark your calendars for a heartwarming ride through the magical land of luck.

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