Audience•ology movie book by entertainment industry expert and futurist Kevin Goetz remains on Amazon’s bestseller list

LOS ANGELES, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Audience•ology: How Moviegoers Shape the Movies We Love, a recently released Hollywood memoir and film book written by entertainment research expert Kevin Goetzhas remained on Amazon’s Best Sellers list for four consecutive months since its release in November 2021.

Industry insiders, aspiring filmmakers, movie buffs, and readers who just love watching movies weighed in, and the reviews are excellent. Producer and former studio head Sony Pictures Amy Pascal summarizes the response to the book by commenting, “Whether you’re sitting behind the camera or in front of it, in film school or in an office on a studio lot, or just facing a screen as a movie buff, Hearing•ology sheds light on how the comments of moviegoers occupy a special place in the final stages of the making of a film. The explanation of how the test selection process works is illustrated with fascinating stories that are the tradition of Hollywood.”

Months before they hit theaters or on streaming services, nearly every studio-backed film is tested with typical viewer audiences who watch early cuts, answer polls that ask for their unfiltered opinions, and participate. to focus groups to discuss what they appreciated the most… or rejected. The author Goetz is the industry’s foremost researcher and his company, Screen Engine/ASI, does the majority of the from hollywood test screenings. From his personal memories and the stories shared by many of the most talented and powerful filmmakers of our time, Hearing•ology reveals what happened on the nights when the test audience of a few hundred regular viewers saw early versions of Titanic, Forrest GumpToy Story, Field of Dreams, Good Will Hunting, Paranormal Activity, Thelma and Louise, La La Land and dozens of others.

Candidly told and filled with tension, emotion and jaw-dropping humor, the book takes readers into the high-stakes world of filmmaking. It offers a glimpse of what those films looked like before they were polished to scintillating perfection. Before they are locked up and delivered to the world. Before they were blockbusters. It’s no wonder that Hearing•ology has become a darling of the Movie Industry and Movie Theory books on Amazon.

“I am delighted to have captured some Hollywood history in the pages of this book,” says Goetz. “My interviews with legendary filmmakers like Cameron Crowe, Ron Howard, Ed Zwickthe late Dick Zanuck, Sherry Lansingand John Goldwin (to name a few) and commemorating the stories they so generously shared, is a highlight of my long career in entertainment research. I intentionally designed the book to be informative yet conversational, an entertaining and fun read for anyone who enjoys the thrill of sitting down and settling in to watch a good movie.”

Audience•ology: How Moviegoers Shape the Movies We Love by Kevin Goetz with Darlene Hayman is now available in hardcover, e-book and audiobook from and major retailers in the US and UK

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