Big Bad B Movie Show Laura Wimbers celebrates a new midnight deadline and laments what it means for some of the show’s most loyal viewers – the prisoners



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  • Photo by Jason Schaffer
  • Zacharia Dur and Laura Wimbers, also known as Leopold and Renora

Laura Wimbers and Zacharia Dur have plenty of reasons to celebrate the Big Bad B-Movie series as it celebrates its first anniversary.

One is a wild horror comeback with B movies, sketches, jokes, and guest performers. The show was presented not only the first year, but also the second season by Channel 43.

It was no small feat. Born in the mid-40s and closure in 2020, it has brought healthy nostalgia to viewing habits in the event of a pandemic. It was the station’s switch to the original uninformative script show for the first time in 30 years.

“We wondered. Are you showing rehearsals or something creative? Erik Schrader, general manager of the station, said. I told the New York Times last year. “We took a creative angle because we think advertisers will be interested in products made locally with their own energy.”

Both station producers Wimbers and Dahl were longtime fans of the genre, legendary horror devices like Ghoulardi and Vampira, keeping fans entertained in the early hours of the night.

“My mom told me when I was 5 I saw a super-host on the WUAB Prize movie show,” Durr told Scene last year. “He was dressed as a red nosed Superman and was presenting a monster movie in a rubber suit. I turned to my mom and said, ‘I want this job.’ I didn’t expect this to happen. occur. ”

Two Leopolds and Renora trapped in the WUAB movie safe on the Big Bad B movie show, which debuted in 1959 in Attack of the Giant Reach, a rubber suit monsters movie shot in October of last year for eight days. Has been introduced. A year when there was only one bad B movie to watch to entertain local audiences at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night

A year later, its viewership grew, and the Big Bad B movie show was updated and moved to a new 11pm time slot. It’s the most natural home on the show, showing Leopold and Renora the same early in the morning. When their horror icon captivated audiences.

“It was very exciting when I heard I was going to be moving out at 11pm,” Wimbers told the scene. “It’s a real horror show time slot, a weekend at midnight.”

However, there is a downside. That is, the small but essential segment of the viewer will not be able to watch the show.

Durr and Wimbels knew early on that they wanted to draw viewers to the other side of the screen.

“We wanted to create an old-fashioned fan club, and we still want to,” said Wimbers. “When I was young, I liked to write in various little magazines for giveaways from my favorite bands and fan clubs. There was a fan club because there was no social media. News twice a year. an The portraits signed by letter and e-mail were really exciting. ”

They didn’t have time to write a newsletter right away, but they didn’t want to sit down on the idea. So they made a short video, posted an address, and provided a signed facial photo to someone who took the time to write the letter and mail it.

Two months later, the letter started to arrive, but it didn’t stop.

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“Of course, it’s amazing what people see, and what they’re really excited about, and weirdly reaffirmed,” Wimbers said. “I’ve always wanted to do nothing other than make people happy, and at the show during the pandemic you don’t know if you are seen or if it resonates, but these people take the time to write a letter from thank you Thank you for helping them forget what’s going on in the world for an hour or two. It is something that I feel grateful and grateful for every time I read a letter. is.”

And in a letter from a hospital worker thanking him for being mesmerized by the pandemic, people stranded at home, and Gourardi fans who hailed the childhood revival at the show, Wimbers said. I started to notice how many people came from the prisoners.

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“They are often limited to local channels,” said Dr Megan Novisky of Cleveland State University and Wimbers, who took a course in criminology, sympathizing with the treatment of prisoners while incarcerated. Said it shows. “I remember transcribing an audio file of Dr. Novisky’s interview with a prisoner who had just been released. They talked about their time, what they had to live with, the situation of the guards. It was very It was a lonely place and I noticed that the prisoners were watching our show. Something on the local TV show they compared to something else they must have watched on TV on Saturday night. I was very happy to know that I sympathized with him. “

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The new 23 hour time slot will take place after the lights go out. This means that most of the time slots will not be able to escape to the lands of Léopold and Renora every weekend.

“My biggest feeling when the show started last September was that many of us felt lonely and isolated in many ways,” Wimbers said. “And I thought that was the biggest advantage of the series. Reach out to lonely and isolated people and make them forget everything with a smile for an hour or two on Saturday night. People who have experienced loneliness and isolation for some time. ”

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The Big Bad B-Movie show is back in Season 2 soon. Season 2 will air on Channel 43 Saturday night at 11:00 am. Available to stream on channel 43 and channel 19.

Big Bad B Movie Show Laura Wimbers celebrates a new midnight deadline and laments what it means for some of the show’s most loyal viewers – the prisoners

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