Bridgerton Breakout Regé-Jean Page joins the cast of Dungeons & Dragons

This “Bridgerton” star remains reserved and busy.


Everything happens Régé-Jean Page. This week, Page was confirmed as Paramount’s newest actor. Dungeons & Dragons movie. Things went well Dungeons & Dragons– related news lately. Over the past month we’ve learned that a live-action Dungeons & Dragons TV show written by John wick scribe Derek kolstad is under construction. Better yet, earlier this month it was announced Michelle rodriguez and Justice Smith joined the Dungeons & Dragons film, which will be directed by Chris Pin. The film will be directed by Jonathan goldstein and John Francis Daley, who also wrote the most recent version of the Dungeons & Dragons scenario.

News of Page’s casting arrives via The Hollywood Reporter. It’s still unclear what role Page will play (as it does with the rest of the cast) or what the plot of the film will be. We may not know much about the Dungeons & Dragons film, but Page’s casting announcement helps raise expectations more firmly. Page brings some serious star power to the table, and as such, will no doubt be able to hold his own Pine opposite. The Bridgerton The star is also no stranger to inhabiting period-specific sets or working in a genre-specific story, which means he should have the edge when it comes to staring in a genre. Dungeons & Dragons movie. The Dungeons & Dragons The film could also be a testing ground for Page as the actor’s star continues to rise and takes on bigger plans.

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The page remains reserved and occupied after the first of Bridgerton on Netflix in December 2020. Over Valentine’s Day weekend, we announced that Page would be making its Saturday Night Live hospitality debut on February 20 with a musical guest Bad bunny. And although Bridgerton Season 2 is definitely happening, Page’s casting Dungeons & Dragons asks the question of the actor’s involvement in the new season. Nothing has been confirmed regarding the filming schedule of Dungeons & Dragons, so it’s possible that Page could do both, even though he and his co-star Phoebe dynevor will no longer be the drivers. Fingers crossed because the more places we have to watch Page do his thing, the better.


Bridgerton Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix and Season 2 is coming soon. For more, check out our picks for the most romantic shows on Netflix right now and check out our 2021 movie release schedule.

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