Candice Bergen talks about her new movie Book Club [EXCLUSIVE]


To celebrate the release of the shiny Reading Club on digital download today (September 24) and on Blu-ray and DVD on October 8, 2018, we bring you an exclusive new interview with the wonderful Candice Bergen! Here, she talks about everything about the movie, playing the role of Sharon, and more.

Candice Bergen in Book Club

What is Reading Club In regards to?

Reading Club talks about friendship between, in this case, four women who are, who reconnect and who maintain their friendship by coming together as a book club. And this is the last book they decided to read, some reluctantly, which is 50 shades of Gray. And, they all say, “Oh, it is,” and of course they all read it and them, their lives are transformed and turned upside down and, and it kind of brings them back to life.

Now you play the role of Sharon in the movie. What attracted you to this particular character? Because I think of the four, you are the one with whom I bonded the most.

Really, I, I thought she, well, I was so glad they gave me this character. I mean she’s a federal judge. She’s smart, she’s sort of an authority voice, but she also has a sense of humor, and she’s just a stand-up broad. And she is, and she’s been living alone for hundreds of years. She left her husband and she divorced, and her husband is with a 12 year old child and, so she suddenly thinks that maybe I should see some men, maybe I shouldn’t live in this little wilderness of ‘a flat. And so, so the book club, the 50 shades of Gray opens Sharon’s life with a big flash.

Why do you think Sharon chose to be left alone after the divorce? Why hasn’t she followed this path and tried to rekindle a new romance?

Now, she’s a woman whose life is based on her work. She’s been married for a long time to some kind of smelly guy and, I think she feels her life is over. She has a cat and has reached the peak of her career. And I don’t think she feels her life is missing until she suddenly realizes it.

And she ventures into the world of online dating …

She ventures into the world of online dating and gets caught because she goes online in her office, in her apartments, and her assistant walks in and sees her screen and everything, and she, she, and she is. very upset. But she goes online and that, it does not go so well at the beginning. But, but then Richard Dreyfus sort of washes out and he’s fun and honest and has humor and intelligence and he’s a tax lawyer. So she’s more realistic this time around.

Have any of your friends entered the world of this type of dating? It seems to be such a strange way for intelligent and cultured people. Have you ever had this conversation with any of your friends?

I didn’t do it because I can’t imagine such a thing. And I know that’s kind of the motto today, but it’s, for me, is it really like that? But, and, and it is, and this is what people do in all walks of life, in all income and in all walks of life, so who am I?

Why do you think these bonds that we make with this very select group of people are so important in our lives?

Because I think otherwise we would float in the air and we would explode. Me, I think friendship is just what is more, I think we all need anchors, and not anchors that weigh us down, but anchors that root us. And I think having that kind of constant support and telling the truth is vital for people, especially as they get older, which God knows most of us in this movie are. And, and I think, and I think you, you kind of see the constantly renewed friendship on the screen.

And it’s funny and it’s touching and I think I would love to be a woman who is going to see this movie with my friends for the first time because I think so, I just, oh, it’s okay. It’s so warm and honest and, yes, I am, I am thrilled with the movie. Bill Holderman, who is our director, it was his first film and he really succeeded. And who knew? Good for him.

How do you all improve by the end of the movie?

Well, when it comes to Jane and her character, we practically pushed her out the door. We push her out the door and not to lose the love of her life and, and to keep herself watched and protected, which she has been doing all her life. And, and, and it’s a, a beautiful moment in the movie when she reconnects and leaves herself helpless. And, and I think the friendship between the four women gives everything, gives, each gives the other the confidence to take a chance, whether it’s to revitalize your marriage or to start a relationship.

I think if they hadn’t had these friends, they wouldn’t have come out so boldly.

Now the dream team is here. It’s like in the sport metaphor, you have that perfect group of players. We were watching the four of you and who could ask for a more formidable group of actors to be in this movie.

I was delighted as beyond words to work with everyone in the film. And Jeanne [Fonda] above all, I watched everyone and protected everyone. It was, it was lovely.

How does it feel to have this opportunity?

Well I knew Diane [Keaton], and Jane, whom I met when I was 17, and Diane, whom I have always known. But hey, I’ve never been close to one of them. And, and Marie [Steenburgen]. I know her work and have respected her for a long time. And, and that’s, you know, I think we would all go to the, the others and, and ask for something if we needed it, and we would be there for the others if, if there was an opportunity to. that. Me, I think that there, he struck up a friendship which was a treat.

And what is it like to work with actors of this comedic skill?

That was as smooth as silk. And Richard Dreyfus whom I had seen at an event honoring Diane Keaton at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, and, and I saw him outside the theater. And I thought, hmm. I mean he’s a fantastic actor and so he has that kind of wild presence, well, he’s right there. And, and I thought he would be awesome like, and thank goodness he said yes. And, and we had a wonderful time working together because he has so much confidence.

What do you think we can learn from these four women by Reading Club because I think there is a lesson to be learned from each of them in one way or another.

I think collectively as a group, that women should, the important thing to remember is that it’s not over until it’s over. I mean, these are women who, I mean, Diane and have the most romantic and sexiest scenes in this movie, fantastic. And, and they all find, they all find connections with, with men and, and me, and I think it’s, and also the fact that through it all, the, the women are there for each other. the others and it allows you to spend the night.

How all ages, do you think, will benefit from watching Reading Club?

I think, first of all, I think it’s, it’s, it’s a feel-good movie. It’s, it’s a funny movie, it’s, it’s a heartwarming movie and, and it’s a sexy movie if you don’t mind all these people. But I, I think it’s, it’s inspiring because these are women who’ve been through, through what most women have had to go through in their lives, and they’ve, they’ve found a way to s ‘come out and, and they reinvented themselves and they reinvented their marriage. And, and I, I think it’s, it’s kind of hopeful to know it’s not over. In a way, it’s just getting started until you die, which is very soon. But, yeah, I, I mean, I, I feel more present than I’ve ever felt, and I’m very old.

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