Cast of Marvel’s MCU Dark Avengers Movie (As We Know It)

A Dark Avengers movie would be the perfect answer to the Avengers 5 mystery. Even with Civil war Gone, the MCU has a superhero identity problem. Spider-Man was involved as a supervillain at the end of Far from homeJohn Walker’s Captain America was stripped of his status and name for a very public murder, and the Scarlet Witch caused a publicity nightmare by victimizing an entire New Jersey town.

In the comics, the Dark Avengers were sort of a group of impostors, brought together by a reformed Norman Osborn following the storyline of the covert invasion and the aftermath of the Avengers’ disbandment by the government. Among other missions, he leads an attack on Asgard (now located on Earth), and the team is ultimately defeated when Osborn turns to his wicked instincts and finds himself on the raft. While some details may not be possible in the MCU, there are plenty of story elements that come into play in Phase 4 that just might be the perfect backdrop for an adaptation for Avengers 5. The Avengers are effectively disbanded, the government is trying to introduce new replacement heroes, and Asgard is now on Earth, potentially threatening fearful natives Osborn might provoke into outright hatred.


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Add to that the configuration of the Secret invasion Event later in Phase 4 and the hidden identity issues it contains, there is a major opportunity for Marvel to bring one of the most controversial Marvel events of all time to the MCU. But who could be the list? Thinking back to the projects already released and those to come, there is already an intriguing team that could bring together a group of powerful Avengers impostors to challenge the real team of superheroes.

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Madame Hydra as Nick Fury’s replacement

Madame Hydra Julia The Louis-Dreyfus Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a surprise inclusion in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, aka Val’s second Madame Hydra AKA Marvel, but she could play a key role in the MCU. Already, she has been seen handing John Walker a disturbing business card following his demotion as Captain America. Considering that she was originally destined to debut in Black Widow and it is suggested that she appear in other MCU projects, the way this appearance seems to indicate a dark mirror for the role of Nick Fury in Phase 1. The idea that she works for an organization or a mysterious benefactor to assemble a team of “alternate heroes” would be perfect following the first phase of the Avengers which appears to be drawing to a close. Especially if that benefactor turns out to be Norman Osborn as the MCU’s major villain.

John Walker / US Agent as “Captain America”

If the MCU is heading for a Dark Avengers event, it might have already seen its first recruit thanks to Val’s encounter with John Walker in the penultimate episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. While there are other possibilities for her employer – like Leviathan or even a rejuvenated Hydra – it was clear that she was looking to recruit Walker for something. And there’s something about a blank black business card that fits the idea of ​​a Dark Avengers setup. Walker, or American Agent as he was called at the time, was a late addition to the Dark Avengers lineup when the team found themselves transported to an alternate reality, but in the MCU he could be a leader for one. reconfigured version. Even though he’s now stripped of his superhero title, Walker aims to stay in the game, and following the Contessa (and her wealth or eventual support) to a new initiative would be a great way to keep him in. the MCU.

Yelena Belova as “Black Widow”

Black Widow back to top Yelena

The second iteration of the Dark Avengers was canceled in the comics, somewhat ironically, by a double agency when Hulk’s son Skaar revealed he always reported to Steve Rogers. This suggests that there is room in an MCU version of the team to involve more complex characters like Yelena Belova, especially if she is looking for a home after the events of Black Widow. Although she is portrayed as Natasha Romanov’s “sister” in this film, Belova’s comic book origin saw her portrayed as Nat’s enemy, sent to kill her and there is no firm confirmation that she will be aligned with Avengers morality simply because of her shared history with Natacha. Oddly enough, Belova was one of Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts rookies on the pre-Dark Avengers team, though it turned out to be Natasha in disguise, manipulated into believing she was a double agent. That kind of dynamic in a Dark Avengers MCU team would be a great way to turn things around.

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Emil Blonsky / Abomination as “Hulk”

Tim Roth The Incredible Hulk The Abomination

In the comics, the role of Dark Avengers’ Hulk is played by Skaar – at least in Osborn’s New Dark Avengers – the son of Hulk and Caiera, who was introduced to Marvel Comics during Planet Hulk. While the Hulk’s past in Sakaar might present his son as a future surprise, it would make a lot more sense for a Dark Avengers movie to implement a plan for the Abomination in Phase 1 that was ultimately scrapped. Tim Roth maniac Emil Blonsky was the initially planned monster tank in the original Avengers team, and his return to the MCU has already been the subject of many rumors for She-Hulk (after several similar false starts), so the way is already cleared for its recruitment. Oddly enough, Blonsky had something of an inferiority complex about Banner’s Hulk and his jealousy led to his dangerous desire to “get better.” This would provide a strong narrative solution

Agatha Harkness as “Scarlet Witch”

Agatha Harkness WandaVision

It might be less likely, but Agatha Harkness is still in the MCU, and although Wanda has bewitched her to stay under her own Agnes delusion, the new Scarlet Witch has also left Westview and who can tell what is the current status of Agatha. What is established is that Katharyn Hahn’s performance was one of the great successes of WandaVision and there would be no argument against his return from the fandom. More importantly, the Dark Avengers team has their own impostor version of Scarlet Witch – played by June Covington in disguise – and Agatha now has a strong narrative reason in the MCU for maybe wanting revenge on Wanda. She also comes with magical powers out of the box to live up to the bill, rather than having to call in a non-magical character to pull off the deception.

Mac Gargan / Scorpion as “Spider-Man”

Scorpion is one of the MCU Spider-Man franchise’s biggest issues after Far from home and while one might suspect that the movie will treat it the same way other MCU projects have addressed issues (within the first ten minutes with little thought), giving it a true arc of revenge is way better. . Gargan expresses his desire to defeat Spider-Man in his Back home post-credits scene, but there’s already a lot going on with No way homethe plot and shoehorn of him alongside new characters can do him too much of a disservice. The MCU version of Gargan is drastically different from that of Dark Avengers as he commits his deception by using the powers of the symbiote to make it look like he’s actually Spider-Man, but the idea of ​​a villain stealing the identity of Spider-Man after the appearance of several Spider-Men in Phase 4 thanks to the multiverse is a very good setup for Gargan to reuse.

Iron patriot

Norman Osborn and Iron Patriot

Who would play Iron Patriot at this point is anyone’s guess, but with Armor wars coming to the MCU, there’s already a setup for an alternate Iron Man to come to the franchise. This could, of course, be the return of Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), but there’s also the chance to introduce Norman Osborn as one of the MCU’s next big villains and have him follow his comic book counterpart in the Iron Man’s fake role would be a big decision. Like Doctor Doom, Osborn represents too much of an opportunity for the MCU to bring him in for a single movie arc now that they have access to him and set up the Dark Avengers, taking down the real Avengers and battling “the invasion “of Earth by Asgard. is already established as a compelling roadmap. Osborn should never be just a Spider-Man concern and while Iron Patriot’s boots are big to fill, that kind of reveal would be the right kind of bait for fans.

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White vision

White Vision WandaVision Eyes

While not an original member of the Dark Avengers team in the comics, the question of White Vision’s MCU future is compelling, and his identity issues could be better addressed in this sort of narrative. White Vision doesn’t know who he is, but will have some affiliation with the Avengers due to his restored memories, which could be used as a tragic opportunity to lead to a misguided future. If he returned to the MCU, White Vision’s future is already set up as some sort of clone of the Adam Warlock comic book origin, but moving him to the Dark Avengers team for Avengers 5 instead, it would solve the problem of what to do with him and add some dramatic stakes for either Val’s or Osborn’s new team.

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