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If you miss Peter Parker after the events of No coming home, there’s a silver lining (web): another Spidey-adjacent project is on the way. This one won’t star Tom Holland, but it will give you something to look forward to while you wait for more Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man movies. (Plus, it might introduce one of your favorite, hidden new Marvel characters.) Following in the footsteps of Sony Spider-Man Universe titles like Venom: let there be carnage and Morbius, get ready to watch Ms Web.

Based on a mysterious character first introduced in 1980, Madame Web is one of many female-focused Spidey-related movies coming from Sony – Olivia Wilde is directing another one. But first, here’s everything you need to know about the Madame Web cast, plot, and potential release date so far.

Madame Web Plot and comics

Until Sony releases an official synopsis for the Madame Web film, it is worth getting to know the main character. Even Marvel acknowledges that “not much is known about the ‘Creepy Clairvoyant,'” a nickname that stems from Madame Web’s primary power: precognition.

Yes, Cassandra Webb – like the Cassandra of Greek mythology – can see into the future, which makes her an important friend to Spider-Man because she can “warn Parker of the possible outcomes of his decisions and the lasting ramifications that may ensue.” result”. Hey, where was she when Peter botched a universe-altering spell to, uh, get his friends into college? (No, really, where?!)


The medium’s web-like chair serves as an “elaborate life support system”, which helps her stay alive from the effects of an autoimmune disease, myasthenia gravis. She’s a blind, elderly woman, but based on recent casting announcements, there’s reason to believe Sony is exploring a different version of Madame Web.

Madame Web To throw

So far, Deadline has announced that Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney will star in Madame Web (every actor confirmed on social media with a cobweb emoji). It’s unclear what roles they’ll play, but there’s room to speculate. Even though Madame Web is an older woman, she is restored to youth (and made immortal) in a ritual called the Gathering of Five.

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There’s another comic book storyline in which Madame Web’s granddaughter Charlotte (yes, like the book) becomes an evil Spider-Woman who must be stopped by Cassandra and a team of female web-slingers. So there’s certainly room for Johnson and Sweeney to play either of those important roles. SJ Clarkson will direct, and she’s no stranger to Marvel, having worked on both Jessica Jones and The defenders.

As to whether or not you’ll see any other familiar Spidey-related faces in Mrs Web, no one knows for sure yet. But if you’re optimistic, there’s always room for a Madame Web post-credits scene that ties the new character to, say, Holland’s Peter Parker – after all, he could use some advice now that he is without a mentor again. Moreover, there is a precedent: Venom: let there be carnage directly related to the events of No coming home, and Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock even made an appearance in the latter film’s post-credits scene.

Madame Web Release date speculation and trailer

There is no trailer or release date for Madame Web yet, but there are a few tentative dates you might want to mark on your calendar. According to Slash Film, there are two “Untitled Sony/Marvel Universe” movies on Sony’s 2023 release schedule – June 23 and October 6, to be exact. Hoping that one of them is Madame Web so we can finally meet this mysterious Marvel character (and, perhaps, get a peek at Spidey’s future).

This post will be updated with the trailer, release date, and additional plot details as more information becomes available. Madame Web becomes available.

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