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Last update: February 19, 2021

Chaos march is the next film adaptation of Patrick Ness’s book by director Doug Liman; Here we put together all the important details about the film’s history, cast, release date, trailer, and more.

Over the past two decades, Hollywood studios have sought to capitalize on the young adult book genre by adapting popular series to the big screen for blockbuster franchises. Thanks to the success of Harry potter, dusk and The hunger Games, a number of YA titles have been adapted, although some have been more successful than others. Yet, as the YA book genre continues to expand with new releases every year, Hollywood persists in adapting the hottest and most popular titles. One of these upcoming adaptations is Chaos march. It’s a long-simmering movie, and although the film ended in 2017, the film has been pushed back from its scheduled March 2019 release date. After several other release delays, the film finally has a concrete date.


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For those who are eagerly awaiting the Chaos march movie, we’ve put together all the important details about the upcoming adaptation. From the story and the cast to the release date and trailer, here’s everything you need to know about Chaos march.

The cast of Chaos Walking is directed by Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley

It was reported in late 2016 that up-and-coming movie star Tom Holland would direct Chaos march, joining the production in the lead role of Todd Hewitt. The actor had made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Peter Parker / Spider-Man and was gearing up for other upcoming superhero films (he will reprise his role as web hero in a third Spider Man film in December 2021). Earlier that year it was announced that Star wars actress Daisy Ridley would play Viola Eade, the leading female role in Chaos march.

The film also stars Mads Mikkelsen as villainous David Prentiss, the mayor of Prentisstown where Todd lives at the start of the story; Nick Jonas as the son of Mayor Davy; Demián Bichir and Kurt Sutter as Todd’s adoptive fathers; David Oyelowo as “violent priest” in Prentisstown; Cynthia Erivo as an ally of Todd and Viola named Hildy; and Óscar Jaenada as the wanderer Wilf.

The story of Chaos Walking is based on a 2008 novel

Book cover The Never Let Go Knife

The story of Chaos march the film is based on the first book by Patrick Ness Chaos march trilogy, The knife to never let go, which was released in 2008. The novel was followed by The request and the response in 2009 and Monsters of men in 2010. Ness further expanded the world of Chaos march with three short stories, one release in 2009 and two more in 2013 that offered additional insight into the series’ sci-fi setting and characters.

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The knife to never let go tells the story of Todd Hewitt, who grew up as the only boy in a colony of men located on the New World planet. The settlers were infected with something called Noise, which killed the female population and gave survivors the ability to hear the thoughts of other men and animals through a flow of images, words and sounds. Shortly before Todd reaches his majority, he suspects that something sinister is going on in his town, and he ends up running away with his dog as his only companion. However, Todd meets a girl, Viola, whose mind he cannot read. Together, the two attempt to escape those in Todd’s hometown colony and work to uncover the true story of the New World.

The Chaos Walking release date has been delayed – but why?

Chaos march started filming in August 2017, finishing main photography a few months later in November 2017. However, in April 2018 it was reported Chaos march would undergo major revivals, with the film’s release date likely to be delayed. The film’s delayed premiere would not be confirmed until November 2018, when Lionsgate revealed on a earnings call that Chaos march would not make its March 2019 release date. Finally, in February 2020, Lionsgate awarded Chaos march a new release date of January 22, 2021. But, due to the global pandemic, the film has been postponed again and will now be released on March 5, 2021.

As to the reason Chaos march the release date was delayed, it was because of the Holland and Ridley schedules. Both stars were busy on other projects for much of 2018 – Holland on MCU deals Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man Far From Home and Ridley on Star Wars: Episode IX. As a result, reruns had to be scheduled after the cast’s schedules were released in 2019, thus delaying the film’s release. And, of course, the pandemic doesn’t need an explanation, but with cinemas remaining largely closed and COVID-19 still ongoing, it’s no surprise that Lionsgate has delayed the film one last time.

What we know about the covers of Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking Tom Holland Daisy Ridley

Little is known about what exactly the Chaos march what new shots or what aspects of the film needed to be reworked. Reshoots finally began in April 2019 and continued until May. Filmmaker Fede Alvarez was hired to help director Doug Liman, at the behest of Liman, the duo joining forces to find the best way to approach new and reworked scenes that needed to be shot. According to reports, Liman’s original cut was deemed unfit for release by Lionsgate.

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In addition, as part of the initial report on Chaos march reshoots, it was also revealed that writer Patrick Ness was in talks to write the script pages for the sections of the film being reworked. Ness has written for film and television before, including the big screen adaptation of his book A monster is calling and the short duration Doctor Who spin off To classify. Ness joined a list of writers who worked on the screenplay of the Chaos march film which features Charlie Kaufman, Lindsey Beers, John Lee Hancock and Gary Spinelli.

Chaos Walking has been in development for years

Doug Liman Impulse YouTube Premium

The Ness Book Trilogy adaptation was first announced in 2011, with Lionsgate adapting Chaos march for the big screen. The film had been in development for a number of years, however, with Eternal Sunshine of the Flawless Spirit the writer Charlie Kaufman coming to write the screenplay and Back to the future director Robert Zemeckis circling the project at one point. Although Zemeckis didn’t end up signing to direct Chaos march, he is involved as a producer. Little movement was made on the film until 2016, when Liman came on board. Chaos march.

After Liman was hired to lead Chaos march, the film advanced through the casting process and began filming in 2017, ending the same year. The revivals and post-production lengthened the process further, turning it into an almost decade-long development and production phase for the film.

Will Lionsgate turn Chaos Walking into a trilogy?

Because Chaos march is based on the first book in the Ness trilogy, fans are no doubt eager to see Lionsgate adapt all three novels. True, Lionsgate hopes to launch Chaos march as a starter franchise, similar to the studio Hunger games movies. However, if Lionsgate will adapt The request and the response and Monsters of men probably depends on if Chaos march is a financial success. The studio reportedly spent $ 90-100 million on the film, so it will need to earn three times as much at the box office before it is considered a success. The film, given the current state of theaters and the global box office due to the pandemic, is unlikely to win that much at the box office. May it be a success – and may the green of Lionsgate fully light up Chaos march trilogy – remains to be seen.

There’s finally a chaos walking trailer

Chaos march finally has a trailer! After years of development and release date delays, Lionsgate released the long-awaited trailer for the film in November 2020. The trailer introduces the basic premise of the film, with meeting Holland’s character and later. by teaming up with Ridley’s as they embark on an adventure. the Chaos march the trailer is also loaded with a lot of action and a lot of racing. Find out below!

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