City considers Christkindlmarkt as the site of the Hallmark film • Current edition



By Chris Bavender

The town of Carmel and its festive Christkindlmarkt could be the setting for a romantic Hallmark holiday movie.

“We hear over and over again from our residents that they feel like their time at Christkindlmarkt is like being in a Hallmark movie,” said city spokesperson Dan McFeely. “Branded films often feature the kinds of things we have at the market, a village setting with gift kiosks, places to buy food and lots of hot chocolate and an ice rink, all nicely decorated. We think it would be a great scene for a movie.

The city and its New York-based consultant Rob DeRocker have been promoting Hallmark. A video, photos and links to key websites have been shared with the network.

“Rob and I are working closely on economic development projects and opportunities to share positive news for the town of Carmel,” said McFeely. “It has been a joint effort. “

McFeely said Hallmark has shown preliminary interest.

“We hope to welcome a visit in the future,” he said.

McFeely said if the network moved to Carmel to shoot a movie, it would naturally boost not only the profile of the city, but the economy as well.

“We are competing with cities across the country for a highly talented workforce to help our local headquarters and employers fill the jobs they have opened. Creating a sustainable, walkable and desirable city is an important part of this plan, ”said McFeely. “Every time Carmel is featured in the national media, whether it’s a story on TV or in a newspaper, a best-of-list or maybe a movie, it helps us to let people know how far we’ve come. a great city. It helps us when we meet with potential businesses looking to establish a presence in Carmel.

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