Clever movie: distribution, plot and is it worth watching or not?



After garnering a lot of appreciation for hits like Saw, The Conjuring Installments, and Insidious, director James Wan has yet another Malignant supernatural horror for his audiences to hold onto. The trailer for the same was released some time ago and managed to garner some pretty decent reviews. After alluding to the clip, we understand that a woman imagines being followed by a non-existent entity.

The story was co-written by Wan, Ingrid Bisu and Akela Cooper. It will be available to eager fans in early September, both on the big screen and on the HBO Max streaming platform.

Casting of the smart movie

The story is based on the protagonist Madison – played by Annabelle Wallis. She is joined by George Young, Maddie Hasson, Jacqueline McKenzie, Michole Briana White, Jake Abel and Ingrid Bisu.

What is the plot?

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The story highlights aspects of childhood trauma, lucid dreaming, and malicious spirits from the perspective of Madison (Annabelle Wallis), who is hospitalized after a fatal miscarriage inflicted by an intruder who killed her husband. . After investigation by the cops, she goes under the radar and we doubt that she is the killer. This disturbs Madison deep down, and she begins to have creepy visions of brutal murders after being released.

However, she believes she was possessed by a spirit that somehow seems to have some connection with her mysterious childhood. After a deeper realization, she realizes that her “visions” are not only in her head but are occurring in reality.

This brings back Gabriel, the malevolent spirit Madison used to communicate as a child, and she suspects the nonexistent figure could cause all incidents. So, before anything more disastrous can happen, she must find out the truth and stop the horrific visions.

Is it worth giving a watch?

Smart folding

The success of previous directorial editions of Wan has made his fans want more. But Wan dismissed those perceptions, saying Malignant was his “most violent, bloodiest movie,” and fans may wonder what the director has to offer this time around. He promises that the film is not a conventional “jump scare” film but a good mix of thriller and psychological fiction.

Fans loving his previous work would certainly be keen to check out his new project as he claimed to have done nothing like the traditional play but something that would keep audiences going until the end.

For someone who is a horror / thriller fanatic, Malignant has to offer something fresh that no other movie has presented. It can certainly be a great addition to this year’s horror movies.

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