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Malayalam cinema has seen a slew of successful OTT releases recently and to this could possibly be added Prithviraj and Aditi Balan. Case closed. Released on Amazon Prime today, the film is a supernatural thriller – a pretty tried and true formula in Indian cinema, but if the trailer is anything, this one will be interesting.

The scenario is simple. ACP Sathyajith (Prithviraj Sukumaran) ends up with a case that has nothing but a skull found in a bag. His team must piece together the identity of the person, determine if it is a murder, and then search for the killer. At the same time, Medha (Aditi Balan), a single mother and journalist, has just moved into a home only to find herself confronted with a series of supernatural events. Audiences watch the film as two parallel tracks that will merge together at some point and it’s interesting how it all comes together.

If you are up for some scares, the Case closed should you settle in with this weekend.

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The film unfolds through two narratives clearly demarcated by cinematography. A police case on one side and a paranormal story on the other, there are plenty of scares we wouldn’t want to spoil right now and enough to keep you glued to the movie. The tracks are skillfully put together. The film was shot during the pandemic on a 45-day schedule, starting indoors and then moving out.

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Prithviraj Sukumaran, known for his brooding appearance and stunning acting chops, fits this movie perfectly, wearing a police officer’s uniform with panache. In the trailer, you see him trying to unravel the mystery he faces, not in the boisterous, brash manner that movies usually present, but in style. Known for his recent films Ayyappanum Koshiyum, Simhasanam 2021, and previous successes like Naam Shabana, 9 years old, Vimanam among other things, Prithviraj will be a treat to watch especially since this role is a realistic portrayal of a cop and does not highlight Prithviraj “the hero”.

Aditi Balan is relatively new to cinema and this will be her fourth release. She has already played in Yennai Arindhaal, Aruvi and History of Kutty. Suchitra Pillai makes an appearance in this film, although her last outing with the horror genre in Betaal left a lot to be desired.

Try to catch this movie on the weekends, and watch for a recent blockbuster Malayalam movie mention in the movie as well. It will inevitably make you smile.

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