Daniel Radcliffe’s Weird Al Movie Casts Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood As Madonna, And The First Look Is Perfect

One of the most exciting and anticipated films of the year – and that includes not only the suitably comparable musical biopics, but everything else too – is undoubtedly the Roku Channel. BIZARRE: The story of Al Yankovic. (I make this statement hyperbolically, but with abundant sincerity.) Excitement was already at its zenith just from the fact that Daniel Radcliffe embodies the parody icon, and looks amazing to do so. But that hype has now soared even higher with the latest casting news, which includes Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood as the pop music sex symbol Madonna. And as you’ll see in the first preview below, she certainly looks the part.

Perhaps in order to avoid the leaked photo that happened in front of Daniel Radcliffe’s glasses officially wide first look, Roku Channel went ahead and unveiled Evan Rachel Wood’s original Madonna plan right there with the casting announcement. Check it out!

Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna in Bizarre: The Al Yankovic Movie

(Image credit: Roku Channel)

The best thing about this picture is how much goes on the person of Evan Rachel Wood. There’s the veil-esque headband, the makeup, the iconic mole above the lip, the black cross earrings, the abundance of necklaces, brooches, bracelets and sunglasses. And all of that is just an adornment for this…striking…top with its matching gloves and the completely contrasting skirt. And it all clashes in the best way with the cream-colored sumptuousness in the background.

Another Highly Remarkable New Cast Member Revealed For BIZARRE: The story of Al Yankovic East Office vet Rainn Wilson, who will play comedic music legend Dr. Demento, whose radio show played a huge role in bringing Weird Al’s music to the masses. I can’t wait to see what he looks like in the role, which seems oddly fitting now that it’s a concept worth thinking about.

Apart from these two, fans can expect to see Easttown Mareis Julianne Nicholson and DickinsonToby Huss joins the party as Mary and Nick Yankovic, respectively. As one would imagine, these would be Weird Al’s parents, and they’re a pair of actors who are quite talented to play them. Although I don’t remember if they shared the screen together, Weird Al and Huss came back to Renew 911!with the reappearing musician as Ted Nugent in the new Refunded season which debuted recently on Roku Channel. (With Jamie Lee Curtis is another amazing guest star in this show.)

The new movie is currently filming in Los Angeles, and fans can only hope more casting news like this is coming soon. Maybe John Mulaney can play Huey Lewis? I dare not make any predictions about Michael Jackson, however.

No release date yet set. BIZARRE: The story of Al Yankovic set to debut on Roku Channel hopefully sometime in 2022. Until we see when we can have “Like a Surgeon” as an earworm again, head over to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what new and old shows are on the way.

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