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Fans who enjoy the Hallmark movies should definitely know about the comedic podcast trio, Bran, Panda, and Dan. They make up the Le Poinçon Bridge Podcast. Five days a week, this trio, and often special guests, discuss the latest Hallmark films. They even venture into Lifetime, Netflix and beyond.

Now, together with movie critic and podcaster Alonso Duralde, they’ve written a brand new Christmas movie book titled, I’ll be home for the Christmas movies. The book comes out Tuesday, October 26.

This is a new “ultra-cool unofficial guide” to the Hallmark Christmas movies. In the book is also a vacation entertainment guide. The combo allows you to create your own festive Hallmark Christmas experience at home. Just like those movies you love.

What is I’ll be home for the Christmas movies On?

According to the official press release shared with Ace TV Shows:

Hosts and best friends Brandon Gray, Daniel ‘Panda’ Pandolph and Daniel Thompson share reviews that will make fans feel like watching these holiday favorites with their best friends, chatting up the warm Christmas feelings and absolutely crazy twists and turns with the same excitement. And through original interviews with film stars and creators such as Tyler Hynes, Jill Wagner, Nikki DeLoach and Ron Oliver, fans will discover inside information about the making of the films and learn answers to questions urgent matters such as: the main characters continue to suffer from amnesia? so much stock brokers and lawyers find themselves in the throes of planning a party? And maybe more importantly, do all of the stories take place in something called the “Kennyverse”? “

There are also ideas on how to throw a Christmas movie themed party, festive holiday recipes inspired by the Hallmark movies, and even a Le Poinçon Bridge Bingo game. Is it fun? Actor and friend of the series, Kristoffer Polaha (Wonder Woman 1984, Date Manual), also wrote the foreword.

Which Hallmark blockbuster movies are they criticizing in this new book? Here is a small list:

  • Christmas in Graceland
  • The Christmas series at Evergreen
  • Christmas train
  • Snow bride
  • A Christmas detour
  • Christmas under envelopes
  • Wreath for christmass
  • The Godwink Christmas Series
  • Return trip to Christmas
  • Nine Christmas Lives
Bran, Dan, Panda, Alonso and actor Krisoffer Polaha kicked off Deck The Hallmark season 4

Why write a book?

Why the Le Poinçon Bridge do podcasters write a book? According to an exclusive interview with Bran, it was because it would be “fun”. He also called it a “natural next step”. Moreover, they relished the idea of ​​becoming New York Times successful writers.

It seemed like a natural step. The podcast got over a million downloads in one year. They had been the guests of a multitude of television shows, including Hello america, Many times.

So, they called Alonso, a seasoned author, for advice. Duralde had an idea. He suggested creating a guide, filled with excerpts. It could be a guide to help people know what to watch. With their distinct personality and taste for movies, this guide is unlike any other.

Which are I’ll be home for the Christmas movies’ Authors, Bran, Panda, Dan and Alonso?

Saturday, Le Poinçon Bridge podcast has launched its fourth season. Alonso flew to join them, as did Kristoffer Polaha. Over the past three years, the three friends have watched hundreds of movies, and they all shared candid, articulate and often hysterical opinions.

Let’s start with the Le Poinçon Bridge trio, Bran, Panda and Dan. They started this podcast because Bran always loved the Hallmark movies and thought it was a good way to get his friends together and have some fun. Plus, their views on the movies are both hysterical and empowering.

Bran is a Hallmark movie buff. He seems to be the most open to the fantasy, the magic of Christmas and the kisses he describes as “big”. Even if you don’t listen to anything else, its synopsis is still tender. He likes to feel the “Christmas mood” by watching Christmas movies while looking at the dishes. However, he cannot do it now. That’s because he’s writing the synopsis and has to give it his full attention.

Panda loves Hallmark movies. Plus, he’s the guy with the “hottest grip”. He especially enjoys films with seasonal sensations, royal romances and comfortable cabins. However, if things get too boring, he’ll say it the way he sees it.

Finally, there is Dan. He is proud to say that he “despises the Hallmark films”. Listeners know he prefers to be called “Daniel”. It seems his pals like to make him a little more cranky with a nickname. “Grumpy Dan” is always looking for adult conversations, meaningful storylines and other elements that place these films in “true cinematic territory”.

However, if he doesn’t like a movie, he won’t even hold back a bit. And, when he says “woof” on a particularly bad movie, it’s hard not to laugh a little.

As for Alonso, he’s a seasoned and respected film critic who watches and can enjoy the holiday movies Hallmark fans love to watch.

Because personalities and tastes are so diverse, the movie guide is perfect for finding a movie for those who don’t like Christmas movies, or for those who want to feel comfortable in the cabin. Bran says that “if only one person uses the guide, I will be very happy”.

What would make him happy? He would love to see a Christmas movie with his two favorites, Kristoffer Polaha and Nikki DeLoach. Maybe Santa Claus can grant him this wish in 2022?

The Le Poinçon Bridge podcast is available on your podcast app, or through the website. They now also share their podcast in video format. This means that interviews with Daniel Lissing, Tyler Hynes and other stars are now available on their Youtube channel.

The book i will be Home For Christmas Movies is available from bookstores, as well as on Kindle.

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