Don’t Look Up Movie: Cast, Plot & Trailers for New Netflix Movie


Released on December 10, Don’t Look Up gathered a serious cast in one of Netflix’s biggest releases. With big names like Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep, the comedy and disaster movie (weird combination, I know) gets a double release.

First, the film hits theaters on December 10. Two weeks later, on Christmas Eve, the film hits Netflix.

Who was thrown there?

  • Jennifer Lawrence plays graduate astronomy student Kate Dibiasky,
  • Leonardo DiCaprio plays Kate Dibiasky’s astronomy professor Dr. Randall Mindy,
  • Meryl Streep plays the US president,
  • Cate Blanchett plays Brie, the face of The daily tear,
  • Rob Morgan plays Dr Clayt Oglethorpe,
  • Jonah Hill plays President Jason Orlean’s son,
  • Ron Perlman plays Colonel Drask,
  • Timothée Chalamet plays Nico,
  • and many more established players.

Adam McKay, Director and Producer, said, “Honestly, I’m still in shock that we got all of these megastars to agree to do this in the first place. We originally sent the script in early 2020. Jen Lawrence was the first one we went to and was the first to sign. Then Leo agreed, then Jonah and Meryl. At one point my casting director said it was getting ridiculous.

What do we know about the plot?

After discovering a comet that will end life on earth as we know it, junior astronomers Kate Dibiasky and Randall Mindy are not believed. They must embark on a nationwide media campaign to try to avoid the destruction of the earth.

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