Euro 3000 Loan: Quotes without guarantees or paychecks

Let’s find out which products allow us to receive a € 3,000 loan. Let’s take a look at the conditions offered by the best companies, with their estimates. Finally, let’s see what are the required requirements and how to do it in case you do not have guarantees or paychecks.

Loans of 3 thousand euros: required requisites and alternative guarantees to the paycheck and the guarantor

If you are interested in receiving a € 3,000 loan, the solutions that are right for you are different. A fundamental aspect to consider in order to choose the bank to which to rely is that of the required requisites. It is useless to waste time, perhaps setting an appointment at the branch, to go to the consultant who tells us that we can not receive the desired credit. For this reason it is good to inquire in advance about the bank’s directives regarding the guarantees that the client must present in order to receive the loan he needs. A first aspect that is considered by any company is that of anagraphic. Usually the age must be between 18 years and 75 years, although sometimes the maximum age may be higher.

Another requirement concerns residence, which must be on Italian territory. As for foreign citizens, they must hold a residence permit and must have been resident in Italy for at least 6 months. The aspect that usually constitutes the main obstacle to receiving a loan of 3000 euros, as well as for any other amount, is that of the paycheck. In fact, in order not to risk lending money to someone who is not able to repay them, the banks require that they possess a paycheck. Especially nowadays, and especially in Italy, having a permanent contract that allows us to present a guaranteed paycheck to the company for each month, is certainly not something obvious, indeed. So if employees with permanent contracts, as well as pensioners, do not find particular problems to receive a loan of 3,000 euros, even those who do not fall into these two categories have the opportunity to present alternative guarantees.

When we talk about alternative guarantees, we refer to alternatives to paychecks, which prove to the bank that we are able to make the repayment, or that in some way assure the bank in case of failure to pay the installments on our part. Let’s see in detail what we are talking about. The first solution to compensate for the lack of a paycheck is the presentation of the tax return. This is the simplest way for self-employed workers to receive the desired € 3,000 funding. If you are not part of the self-employed category, or if your monthly income is not high enough to get the loan you need, then there are two possible solutions: to present a guarantor, or to mortgage a house of property. In the case of non-reimbursement by us, in the first case the guarantor will take over the unpaid installments, while in the second case the mortgaged property will be auctioned by the bank to obtain the sum not reimbursed.

Which banks offer the best loan of 3000 euros: comparison estimates

We have therefore seen what are the requirements required by the banks to obtain a loan of 3000 euros, and in particular the alternative guarantees that we can present to the company to obtain financing without a paycheck. The financial companies offering personal loans of 3000 euros are very numerous. As always, our advice is to rely on the leading companies in the sector. In many cases we are offered the possibility to make the request directly online, an opportunity that allows us to save a lot of time in sending the application and consequently to greatly reduce the delivery time. However, this solution is usually reserved only for those who are already customers of the company, and above all only for those who have a paycheck. Otherwise it will be necessary to make an appointment to present all the documentation and alternative guarantees, to know the characteristics of the financing that will be offered to us.

In any case it can be very useful to use the online loans simulator that we can find on the official websites of the major banks and financial institutions. In this way it is possible, in a few simple clicks, to get an idea of ​​the financing conditions that will be reserved to us. In the case of € 3,000 loans without pay and without guarantees, interest rates could be slightly different due to the greater risk to the bank. In the case that we are considering however the amount requested is not particularly high, therefore having the possibility to fix a low duration we can get the 3000 euro we need at very convenient conditions.

€ 3,000 Astrofinance loan: free online estimate

To know in detail the characteristics of personal loans from 3000 euros, we have made a request for an estimate at some of the main companies operating in this sector. In the following table you will find all the loan solutions offered by Astrofinance to its customers. It is good to remember that this is only an estimate, and therefore the treatment actually offered will depend not only on the amount requested and the duration but also on the personal data and the guarantees presented, so it may vary slightly from the one below.

18 months € 176.70 7.47 7.73
24 months 135.00 euros 7.50 7.76
30 months 110.00 euros 7.51 7.77
36 months € 93.30 7.48 7.74
42 months 81.40 euros 7.47 7.73
48 months 72.50 euros 7.47 7.73
54 months 65.60 euros 7.47 7.74
60 months 60.10 euros 7.49 7.75
66 months € 55.60 7.49 7.75
72 months € 51.80 7.45 7.71

As can be seen immediately from this table of 3000 Euro Astrofinance loans, the interest rates applied do not undergo any particular changes depending on the duration chosen. However, as is obvious, as the duration increases, the amount that we will have to pay for interest will also increase. For this reason, especially in cases like this where the amount requested is not particularly high and therefore the monthly payment is affordable, it is good to choose the minimum duration.

Loan from 3000 euros Ultranix also without pay check and without guarantees

Let’s see what are the characteristics of the personal loans of 3000 euros offered by Ultranix, so you can also make a comparison between the two companies. In this case you immediately notice how the duration that we can choose is different, since the number of installments can go from a minimum of 6 up to a maximum of 36. This is because it is a rather low amount the monthly installments may be to our also without having to choose a repayment plan with a too long duration.

6 months € 508.64 5.90 6.07
9 months 341.58 euros 5.90 6.07
12 months € 258.06 5.90 6.07
15 months 207.96 euros 5.91 6.07
18 months € 174.56 5.90 6.07
21 months € 150.71 5.90 6.07
24 months € 132.83 5.91 6.07
36 months 91.13 euros 5.90 6.07

The first difference that jumps to the eye concerns the duration that we can choose for our loan. In the case of Ultranix it starts from a minimum of only 6 months, while Astrofinance starts from 18. Even the maximum expected duration is quite different, with Astrofinance that allows us to repay in 72 months, while Agos does not go beyond 36. As for interest rates, we can say that Ultranix is cheaper than Astrofinance, and therefore preferable from this point of view. As we repeat in many of our articles, there is no better loan at all, but the choice will depend on your needs. So based on the duration you prefer, request a quote by presenting your data, so you know the characteristics of the loan tailored to you.

Cleopar financing of 3000 euros: how to request an estimate with installment and rates

Loan 80000 euros

To conclude our analysis of the 3000 euro loan estimates offered by the main lending institutions, we turned to Cleopar. In this case the loan simulator that we find on the company’s website is slightly different than those used previously. The difference lies in the fact that to perform the calculation it is necessary to specify not only the amount to which we are interested but also the monthly payment we wish to pay. The problem is related to the amount that we can enter: the minimum amount of money for which you can request a free quote online is 5000 euros. So unfortunately through the Cleopar website it is not possible to request a quote for a loan of 3000 euros. In any case, this does not mean that it is not possible to obtain a € 3,000 Cleopar loan.

If you are interested in receiving a Cleopar estimate for an amount of 3000 euros, we advise you to contact directly one of the Cleopar branches in Italy. Through the company’s website you can also make an appointment by choosing the date and time you prefer, as well as choosing the office nearest to your home where to go. In this way you can avoid any row and have a meeting with one of the Cleopar consultants. The advantage of having direct contact with the experts of the company is to be able to present all your economic situation and your needs. In this way the consultant will be able to present you all the best Cleopar personal loan offers even if you are without a paycheck or without collateral. It is good to remember that even if you went to the branch to receive a quote you will not be bound in any way on the future (possible) loan request. So it will simply be a request for information that you can use to find the most cost-effective 3,000 euro loan based on your preferred rate and applied interest rates.



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