Ez payday loans online -The best place to go for small payday loans online


Here is the best place to go for small payday loans online 

Thanks to the great variety of proposals and the efficiency of credit companies online platforms. Moreover, the small payday loans disbursed on the web are in clear majority, above all with regard to private customers. get more info for small payday loans here.

As regards in particular online payday loans, the first advantage is the opportunity to calculate the monthly payment and complete all the loan application procedures directly on the Internet, requesting a favorable interest rate.

This is possible thanks to the use of the digital signature with which to securely sign an electronic contract, saving a lot of time to go to the branch and to wait for the completion of the paperwork necessary for the approval of the loan.

Flexible Payday Loan

Payday Loan

The current offer of online personal payday loans foresees, for the whole month of February 2017, the “Flexible Personal Payday Loan “, a payment of 14,000 euros with a repayment plan of 96 installments of 186 euros per month, Tan of 6, 29% and Taeg of 6.48% and a final total repaid of 17856 euros.

The minimum installment in the case of the loan offer of 14,000 euros is 170 euros, the maximum is 234 euros, Tan and Taeg remain unchanged, therefore the monthly installments are 101 with the minimum amount and 67 with the maximum.

Web Special and How I Want It

Web Special and How I Want It

Then there is the offer “Web Special” which provides a disbursement between 1000 and 60000 euros with total financing of the project and the possibility to also take advantage of the options for changing the installment and the installment jump. Another offer of online personal payday loans, which provides for the disbursement of € 30000 with an amortization plan of 84 installments of € 474.40 each, a fixed Tan of the 8.45% and a Taeg of 8.78%, a total amount returned of 39849.60 euros.



Requirements for accessing online personal payday loans is between 18 and 75, has residence in Italy, has a current account and a demonstrable income. As for the costs: the ancillary costs are equal to zero, as well as the stamp duty / replacement, the investigation of the case, the collection and management of the installment, the periodic communications. Financing is 100% of projects without advance payment.

Installment skip and installment change

If, after six installments reimbursed regularly, the client decides to apply the minimum installment, he must know that he will be able not to use it simultaneously with the queuing of the missed installments ; as far as the option of the installment jump is concerned, it can be made after having paid six installments regularly and can be exercised up to three times, twelve months apart, without having to change the installment.

Income Protected Project

Online personal payday loans can also be combined with the “Project Protected Income”, which consists of an optional insurance that comes to the aid of the worker who loses his job, who is employed or autonomous, and who is therefore unable to pay the installment of the loan, until he finds another job, or in the case of hospitalization or temporary incapacity for work, or even in the event of death or permanent disability for work of 60% up to an amount of 60000 euros.

Interactive section of the site

The financial company undertakes a great deal in post-sales consultancy and transparency and is therefore rewarded by many people, both workers and pensioners, who trust them with the signing of loans, following the creation of an own quote online on the official website, in which there is an interactive section specifically prepared to define the desired amount, the installments necessary for reimbursement by the provider and the fixed interest rates applied to the installments, so as to be able to estimate the total amount of interest.

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