Field of Dreams Film Site – Dyersville, Iowa


Originally built for the movie of the same name, the Field of Dreams is a baseball field that attracts many tourists who might not otherwise find themselves in Dubuque County, Iowa.

It is one of the best-known pop culture tourist attractions to be built for a Hollywood project. The studio responsible for the film built the baseball field on two farms a few miles from Dyersville. At the end of production, the studio left the diamond behind and the Lansing family, who owned the property on which most of the land stood, left it untouched. The Ameskamp family, who owned the other slice of land (the studio combined two plots in order to get uninhibited sunset shots for the film), tore off part of the field to return the land to the Agriculture. But they thought about it the following year and decided to restore the land.

Keith Rahe, another resident of the area, put together a baseball team that would perform on weekends to entertain the crowds that began to gather after the film took off at the box office. Every Sunday afternoon, the team played for thousands.

In 2007, the Ameskamp family sold their part of the land to the Lansing family, who now control all of it properly. But the future of the estate is uncertain. The failing economy in 2009 meant that annual charity events held on the ground had to be canceled (the Lansing family made thousands of donations even without the event to subsidize their donations). And in 2010, the Lansing family expressed interest in selling the property. In 2019, Major League Baseball announced it would build an 8,000-seat stadium at the iconic site to host an August 13, 2020 game between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees.

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