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DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KWWL) – After the The MLB ‘Field of Dreams’ game on August 12, the cinema site saw its attendance increase, especially during its visits to the Kinsella house!

Tour guide Teresa Murray has lived in Iowa for over 20 years with her family and said she has never seen so many people come to Dyersville.

The tours have definitely increased, “said Murray, the average per group is around 20, sometimes I get a lot more than that and I have to turn a few away.”

While visiting the house, people can:

  • Take a tour of the house before the start of the tour.
  • View priceless baseball memorabilia.
  • Learn the story behind the house.
  • How the film crew shot scenes.
  • Find out which props were new or original during the movie.

In addition to learning some fun things about the set, Murray said there are plenty of stories about the making of the film. She told KWWL’s Alaina Kwan that she can usually have a tear or two in every group she leads.

“When I get home my kids ask me how many people I made cry today, said Murray,“ I love telling stories to everyone, I never get tired of it. ”

Leading tours throughout the week, KWWL met visitor Joe Shaw from New York. After coaching high school baseball for 24 years, Shaw said it was something he always wanted to do.

“My wife and I have had this on our list for a long time,” Joe said, “it’s just beyond expectations.”

Part of the group was made up of moviegoers, the Smiths, who came to see the film’s website. After seeing the movie “Field of Dreams” several times, Tamra Smith said it made them leave their Colorado home to see the site themselves.

“It’s just one of those movies that brings you home,” Tamra said, “when you look at the field, I mean where do you see a better baseball field?”

The Shaws and the Smiths on the Field of Dreams movie site.

After taking the tour and performing on the field themselves, everyone agreed that the message of the film is what makes people “go the distance” and return to their childhood innocence in Dyersville, Iowa.

“It’s exactly like what Terrance Mann says in the movie, Baseball Brings America Together,” Murray said.

Field of Dreams film site tours are only $ 20 and can be pre-booked online. When entering the house, you must either wear the slippers provided at the door or walk barefoot. When entering the film site, there is no parking fee but you can make a donation which will be used to maintain the grounds.

The film site staff say you can also rent the second floor of Kinsella Farm as a little getaway for you and the family.

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