Halo Fans React After Pablo Schreiber Slams Those Who Didn’t Like The Series


Paramount’s Halo television series received mixed reception. The decision to pursue a new story was not well received by many who played the games. Additionally, specific choices like actor Pablo Schreiber spending screen time without a helmet as Master Chief have upset many fans. On April 4, Pablo decided to call the people against the show.

Pablo Schreiber calls those who hate #HaloTheSeries in an Instagram post and vows to keep working hard to put on the best show possible! https://t.co/cbVEUvSQq1

In his tweet, Pablo claimed he had no problem with fans skipping the show before watching it. He said he respects the opinion of fans who disagree with him.

Pablo Schreiber calls out critics of Halo TV series and says they’re ‘rooting against the home team’

Despite Pablo’s claims, fans were far from convinced. Some felt that actors should never belittle hardcore fans. Others said their biggest problem was running the TV series.

The screenplay has recently come under criticism. Most fans felt the second episode was a step backwards. Despite what Pablo does as Master Chief, one fan thinks a significant problem with the show is the script itself.

@HaloHubGG The problem wasn’t Pablo tbh and he can work as hard as he wants and that doesn’t change this script

Another fan also reiterated the same fact. They believe Pablo is more than capable of playing the part of a Spartan. However, the show’s storyline disappoints hardcore Halo fans.

@Plasmaposting @HaloHubGG Okay, Pablo really has what it takes to play a Spartan. That being said, you can have all the great actors in the world, and if the script handed to them sucks, the overall story is still going to suck.

Some fans are less than happy with Pablo for criticizing those who haven’t liked the show so far. A Twitter user said calling reviews like this can never be a good thing. Despite what Pablo claimed in his own tweet, many who didn’t like the show seem to have watched it.

@HaloHubGG I hate when actors talk to their audience like that. Lots of people are watching and still disagree with the direction taken but try to give it a chance and it just calls them haters 😑

For some, the design and execution so far are less than ideal. This includes the controversial decision to allow Master Chief to remove his helmet. It should be noted that the character has never been seen without his helmet across any game.

@HaloHubGG I’m not a fan of the show, not a fan of him playing the main boss or the face reveal. At all. Unfortunately, he can’t do much because the fault lies with those calling the shots and not Pablo. That’s why I really respect those words 🙂

Paramount may have taken a bold step by following a new timeline with the Halo TV series. One fan said he was never against the adaptation, but was disappointed with the number of changes to the game’s lore.

A fan took a look at Pablo’s tweet, which indicated that a few people had decided they didn’t like the show without even watching it. The fan in question asked how they were supposed to watch the show when it was region-locked to the UK.

To some, the Halo TV series is just a sci-fi show with the name of the franchise attached to it.

One Halo fan calls Pablo Schreiber’s tweet the classic Hollywood defense mechanism. They claimed that a tweet from the lead actor defending poor writing and direction was a common move.

While Pablo Schreiber may have tweeted to clarify his opinion, overall reception for the Halo TV series has been poor. It’s clear from the responses that fans don’t have a problem with the actor but with the overall execution of the series. However, it remains to be seen if the remaining seven episodes can redeem the show.

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