How to watch the movie Waiting for Rain? Distribution and purpose explained

Waiting for Rain is a very famous and successful South Korean film. Waiting for the rain to end explained and more on her casting is something we’ll be covering today. The movie Waiting for Rain was one of the most anticipated films in South Korea. When the film was released, it even held # 1 at the Korean box office. Since late 2019, we’ve been receiving updates on her cast and more, and gradually filming on the film began in early 2020.

The film is about a man and a woman who miss and love each other but cannot meet. They couldn’t both physically meet, so connect by letters. The film as a whole is extremely relatable and time and again gives a nostalgic experience.

Waiting for the rain movie poster

What does it feel like when you have no goal in life and you’re chasing something for so long that you couldn’t achieve it? The film is about exactly one of those characters named Young Ho. Young Ho is a young man and is trying with all his might to get into college. Concretely, he has no dreams as such and has been trying to enter a university for three years. One day, he recalls childhood memories and decides to send a letter to his childhood friend So-Yeon. But the letters are actually received by someone else and are one of the main twists in the story.

Lots of other such exciting elements are present in the film. The acting skills of Kang Ha Neul and Chun Woo Hee are for sure a bliss to watch. From the direction to the storytelling, to the acting and presentation, everything about the film is spot on. So, let’s dig deeper into the movie.

Waiting for the rain: the end explained

Waiting for the Rain is another film by Kang Ha Neul. And we already know how versatile his roles are generally. Even in his film, he does not fail to impress us with his incredible acting skills. The end of the drama is something that will simply melt your heart. The entire movie doesn’t show us the cliched romance, but it does focus on something more pure, and it turns out that even old-fashioned romance can be so touching. How much pain is there in waiting for your love, how miserable it can be to wait for something unknown and unexpected is something the movie has dealt with in great detail.

The end of Waiting For Rain explained and more

A still from the movie, Waiting for the rain

Towards the end of the movie, we saw how broken Young Ho felt after knowing So-Yeon was already dead. After a long wait of 8 years, Young Ho hears the news and feels completely devastated. Yet now he doesn’t know that So-hee was the one sending these letters on behalf of his ailing sister. When all the rays of hope died out, something miraculous happened. Even due to certain circumstances, the last letter was not opened by So-hee.

But somehow, So-hee finally opened the letter and, to her amazement, learned that Young Ho had decided to wait for her every December 31st. That day was Soo Hee’s birthday as well, and she decided to give Seoul a chance, thinking he might still be waiting. Finally, it rained on December 31 and Young Ho ran to the bench. As even So-hee took a turn to reach the same destination. The very last photo of a car entering the park shows an imaginative ending, and we want to believe things turned out the way we want them to.

Waiting for the rain: the cast

The romantic story that retraced our nostalgia, had a very innovative ending for sure. But when it comes to casting, the film was directed under the direction of Jo Jin Moo. With screenwriting under Yoo Seung Hyeon. As the main cast of the drama, we have Kang Ha Neul, who was cast as Young Ho. Chun Woo Hee was cast as So Hee. Apart from them, many other famous actors and actresses were also cast in supporting roles and guest roles.

Waiting for the rain for the casting

The main cast of the film, Waiting For Rain

Waiting For Rain is also known as Endless Rain, Rain and Your Story, and Story of You and the Rain. The genres of the film include romance, melodrama, and drama. How much did you like the movie and what is your favorite moment from the movie, let us know in the comments section below.

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