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BATHURST will hit the big screen in 2018 if independent director Heath Davis is successful. And Mr Davis wants the benefits to the city to go far beyond the scenes filmed locally, saying local businesses and musicians will also have the opportunity to market themselves. Mr Davis, whose feature debut Broke, about a former rugby union player struggling with gambling, was voted best film at the Kiwi International Film Festival and the Las Vegas Independent Film Festival, has finalized his main cast for his second film Book Week. The comedy / drama, written by Mr Davis, will tell the story of a jaded English teacher, played by Australian actor larrikin Brendan Cowell, who reassesses his life during a week of turmoil. Mr Davis said filming will take place over four weeks in April next year in western Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Bathurst, including in CSU dormitories. “In the new year there will be a cattle call for actors and supporting roles,” he said. “Book Week will be released in 2018 in the first quarter. Mr Davis, who grew up in western Sydney, says he wants to make a film for the area beyond central Sydney. He says there will be an opportunity for interested CSU students to gain some experience on a movie set, companies will have a chance to incorporate their products into the film, and the film’s initial release will be in the areas. in which it was filmed. “Anyone from out of town who wants to see the film will have to come to those areas, spend some money and enjoy it for a day,” he said. “We’re going to put the area on the map. It’s everyone’s movie, not just ours. Mr Davis says the community support for Broke, which was filmed in central Queensland on a low budget, was “pretty amazing”, and he hopes to tap into that support again. “When you don’t have a huge marketing budget, you have to really connect,” he said. In addition, a music competition is organized where the winner will appear in the week of the book playing their own original song. “There is a lot of great musical talent here and we want to showcase it and give unsigned artists a platform to be heard,” Mr. Davis said. Presented by Kelts Entertainment, Battle of the Bands Book Week began on November 27 and will take place every Sunday afternoon at the Aussie Arms Hotel, Penrith for the next three weeks, followed by a planned big final event. for January where special judges including Mark Geyer of Triple M and members of ARIA winner The Jezabels will pick the winner. Mr. Davis invites those interested in participating in the film – from businesses to creatives – to contact us. Visit or email [email protected]


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