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Tina, Louise and Gene Belcher are watching in a counter.

Tina, Louise and Gene Belcher in Bob’s Burgers movie.
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First announced in 2017, then delayed and delayed again thanks to the pandemic, Bob’s Burgers movie information—an animated musical based on the long running Fox series created by Loren Bouchard– is almost in theaters. Ahead of the film’s May 27 debut, io9 attended a press conference featuring its cast and crew.

First things first: “You don’t have to see the show to understand the movie,” said Bouchard, who also co-wrote and co-directed the film. “He is [about] a family that runs a restaurant and the restaurant is in trouble. You will have understood everything for the first five minutes. We literally didn’t do any homework for you. You are invited to come cold. You don’t need to know anything.

That said, it is safe to assume that a lot people who attend Bob’s Burgers movie information will already be Bob’s Burgers fans, which producer and co-writer Nora Smith acknowledged. “We knew we had to try to make our fans happy and make people who aren’t our fans, but are also perfectly fine people, happy, like people [seeing it] for the first time. So we were trying not to make too many internal references to it, and we wanted people to come in fresh and still enjoy all the characters. And I think we did a good job.

Given the long gap between the start of production and theatrical release, it’s tempting to imagine that Bob’s Burgers movie information just been sitting somewhere fully finished for months. This is certainly not the case, according to Bouchard. “We worked on this movie until…it’s like last week. We were determined to take every moment they gave us and keep working on it. So there you go, [the story] amended [during the delays]. It wasn’t like it had changed drastically. It was more like any time we had, we were excited to enjoy it – adjusting the jokes, changing [the] image, have fun with sound. It wasn’t just the script [that changed], [just] everything was in our hands until they snatched it from our little fingers.

Translating Bob’s Burgers the series in Bob’s Burgers movie information was a challenge, but it was one the creators loved to take on. “We always say, every episode that we do, we’d like to make it look like the movie,” co-director Bernard Derriman explained. “But the problem is that we do 22 episodes a year. It’s 11 a.m. Bob’s Burgers. So we only have a few weeks at a time to focus on each episode. So that wasn’t really a big stretch on film; it’s just that we were four for an hour and a half. And that was all we ever wanted to do on the show, what we’re able to do now on film.

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Bob’s Burgers ran for 12 seasons – the season finale was on May 22 – with a 13th on the way, in addition to new feature film. The series’ impressive longevity isn’t something Bouchard takes for granted. “We really like doing the show. We really loved making the movie. It is a great pleasure, a privilege and an honor. And we’re still shocked and surprised that it’s also so hard to make a show with so many episodes. You think there will be an endless number of stories, and that turns out to be a silly position. You actually have to try to go back and fit in between the roughly 200 episodes we’ve made. So the target gets smaller if you want the show to be fresh and always find new things to say. But we like the challenge. The characters suggest to us that they are worthy of more stories. They kind of keep us going and coming back and trying to figure out how to keep going, and we’ll keep going for as long as we can.

Bouchard also touched on something that Bob’s Burgers fans wondered: what exactly is the timeline of the series – and moreover, how does the film fit into its continuity? “I like this question because, you know, it’s not some kind of linear timeline that we can figure out using our own lives. It’s kind of a circular space where this family seems to be going through, roughly , a year on and on and on with different permutations and then some things that we went through,” he said. “So you can’t call it continuity, really, and certainly not for somebody watching the first seasons and the last seasons… for them, it must be doubly weird [when] Louise is on top of her on her green machine in one episode, then she rides a bike in the next episode. And so it’s not continuity, exactly.

He further explained, “But we’ve made a deal with the fans, I think, that as long as it feels right, as long as there’s that kind of — it’s not narrative growth over time. time, but it’s kind of those layers that build up to that depth. So for the movie, it has to fit in there. And we’re just starting to think about these episodes that are going to air after the movie , and they are going to be released in the shadow of this event [that happens in the movie]. But of course they also happened before. I mean, in a way, the movie happened before the first episode. So it’s a weird game to play, but it’s fun.

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Another Bob’s Burgers A conundrum was also raised during the press conference: is Bob, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, actually a very good cook with very bad business sense, or is he a bad cook (also with a bad business sense)? “Loren and I have talked about it over the years,” Benjamin said. “I used to tell Loren that Bob wasn’t a good cook because there were no or very few customers, just Teddy. A guy walked in. So maybe that’s is a sign of a food problem. But Loren always suggested there was the Burger of the Day. There’s these, like, flights of creativity that Bob has, and he’s great at his food. And I think that over the years, [Loren] Might have won the argument… I have to say many chefs, even just me, have pointed out how much they love the Burger of the Day element. They think it’s a signal that Bob is a good cook… or creative, at least.

By the way, this other great Bob’s Burgers mystery – what’s up with Louise and her bunny ears? – is finally revealed in Bob’s Burgers movie information. (“I’m so honored that this is the time we can share this with the world…it’s really exciting!” said Kristen Schaal, who voices Louise.) We’ll find the answer in that when the film opens May 27 in theaters.

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