It Ends With Us, The Movie: Cast, Release Date & Status


It ends with us is a bestselling novel by Colleen Hoover, published in 2016. It is her most successful work to date, based on the real-life relationship between her parents, and it also has a sequel, titled It Begins With Us, published in 2022 There is a lot of interest in the first book in the series for many reasons: to better understand his last book, people needed a brief recap of the events of the first novel, refreshing their memory. Plus, there’s hype for the movie to be released, based on It ends with us. Breaking news is hard to come by, but this article will round up all the latest updates on the film’s cast, release date, and status.

It ends with us: will there be a movie?

Yes, a film based on the novel It ends with us is under construction. The rights to the film adaptation were secured in 2019 by actor and director Justin Baldoni. Initially, he wanted to be the director of the film, but later backed out of that role, preferring a woman for the role of director.

The film project is in its early stages, as Baldoni is currently focused on finalizing the screenplay he wrote with book author Colleen Hoover: the screenplay for the film was declared “complete” in July 2022, as the ‘Baldoni shared on TikTok. In July, there was a fan sharing session, which provided initial feedback for possible storyline improvements.

The script of the film is thus finished.

Cast, Release Date, and Everything We Know So Far

Production on the film has yet to begin, so there is no information on the film’s cast, director, and possible release date. There is already a dedicated page on IMDB: most likely, all the information will be there once revealed. Fans had fun picking their favorite picks for which actors could possibly play the characters in the book, and you can find the results of that public vote on the internet, but they’re obviously unreliable.

An estimate of the possible release date? If we want to use the average duration of all the development phases of the film, it is possible that filming will start sometime in 2023, and if the team maintains a constant rhythm, the film could even see the light of day in the second half of 2024. But again: this is only a rough estimate based on the development time of an average film.

In this article, we will report all the fresh news about the movie It ends with us that will come in the future. And if you want to stay in touch with the direct source of information, we suggest you follow Justin Baldoni on TikTok.

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