‘Jagame Thandhiram’ True Story, Film Cast & Everything About The Netflix Movie


The Last of Dhanush, a gangster movie Jagame Thandhiram falls on giant OTT Netflix today and fans can finally watch their favorite star in a movie that should have been released in 2020 but has been pushed back due to the pandemic.

This film follows the resounding success of Karnan, although the subjects of the films could not be more different. Jagame Thandhiram is all about a Suruli (Dhanush) gangster fighting the battle of good and evil over which place to call home. Here’s what you can expect in the movie.

Jagame Thandhiram: History, Movie Cast & More Reasons To Watch Dhanush’s New Movie On Netflix –

Dhanush himself, of course!

Dhanush fans just can’t get enough of this national award-winning actor. In the trailer, fans spot a strong, but eccentric gangster, Suruli, trying to assert himself and take a stand against his counterpart Sivadoss. There seems to be an interesting mix of comedy, with action one can look forward to, two areas of action that are a highlight for the Kolaveri Di Star.

Interesting beginnings

The film also hosts a cast of Hollywood stars. Among them, actor James Cosmo, well known for his characters like Jeor Mormont in Games of thrones, and Marshal Haig in Wonder woman. He has also been part of many television series like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Bay, Its Dark Materials, Name of the Rose, Shetland and Stag, among many others. It will be interesting to see how Cosmo’s on-screen presence works in the Tamil cinematic world. Actors like Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino and Pierce Brosnan have been approached for this role.

Jagame Thandhiram

Joju George, a well-known figure in Malayalam cinema made his Kollywood debut with this film in a negative role – that of Sivadoss. Joju George was recently considered the stoic Maniyappan in Nayattu, Siraj in Halal love story, Appachan in Kilometers and Kilometers and Babu in Virus. It will be interesting to see how he tries out the role of a gangster in the Tamil genre of cinema.

Spectacular places

Jagame Thandhiram is filmed throughout England, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. Each of these locations is spectacular in itself and is featured throughout the film. It will be something to watch out for. Much of the filming was done in Faversham, Kent, England. He then moved to London, where a single 20-day schedule was made. In India, the film was shot across Madurai and Rajasthan. Interestingly, Dhanush officially said it was the fastest shoot of his career at just four months old.

Themes for reflection

Karthik Subbaraj, the director and co-writer, started out by making a film about gangsters, armed against each other. Over the course of the film, he also explores the idea of ​​the house and what it means for each of us. It also discusses the treatment of xenophobia and the constantly changing cultural environments. It will be quite interesting to see how that plays out in the movie.

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