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Delivered: My not so perfect life

Author: Sophie kinsella

Reviewed by: Saniyah Eman

My Not So Perfect Life is the hilarious story of a young Somerset Girl who intends to become one of the biggest names in London’s marketing circle. If you need a good laugh for a good six hours, read it in one go (that’s what I did)!

The story revolves around the relationship between Katie (with her not-so-perfect life) and her boss, Demeter, (with a seemingly perfect life down to the exquisite name). The romantic element is provided by Alex Astalis (also seemingly perfect), another big brand name in London who is the brother of the man who owns the company Katie works at as a junior level employee. She spends her days typing up handwritten customer surveys because her boss thinks handwritten surveys are oh-riginal.

The plot contains all the humor generators one needs in the Kinsella genre; the embarrassing but lovable daddy who always puts on weird get-rich-quick concerts, there’s the lovely and sweet home girlfriend who makes good excuses when Katie needs it but otherwise she’s mostly busy baking or curling her hair (or whatever the Somerset girlfriends do to pass the time (soap operas). Then there’s the random YouTuber living next door to Katie’s who doesn’t have a job (And a lot of – er – desire) , and the other kid next door who is in a weird cult (I would say Illuminati but that cult sings and shouts yes! a lot and I don’t think the Illuminati do that) .There are the London-born colleagues of Katie who don’t know about her rented one-room apartment that lacks important furniture, and treat her like a part of themselves (them meaning here rich and privileged children).

There are really huge accidents like having to take your lunch sandwich out into the trash because your rich friend threw it there (mainly because you told him the sandwich was given to you by a passerby who thought you had look sick “).

Eventually, Katie got everything she wanted overnight, which was a little odd considering the book wasn’t about such perfect lives, but I guess the end couldn’t be avoided. After all, the story was never about the deep gray areas of marketing and London, it was a comedy.

The story isn’t that original, once you break it down, I’ll grant you that. These are the kinds of things I call movie books, stories that seem naturally designed for the screen rather than the page. There are curls here and there that leave you wondering if this isn’t one of those Disney teen comedies about the overly pretty girl who thinks she’s ugly and needs a youngster. rich and hot man to convince her otherwise.

Well, I can storm anything I want, but the fact remains that Kinsella never promised scholarly spirit; just a few laughs, a few jokes with a good, sweet ending, and she keeps that promise very well in her latest book.

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