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Local comedian Zachariah Durr and photographer, storyteller and actress Laura Wimbels have teamed up to The Big Bad B-Movie Show, a new weekly TV show that airs at 8 p.m. Saturdays on 43-WUAB.

Following the airing, the show will also air on the Cleveland19 WOIO and CW 43 WUAB websites.

Durr, who was director and co-writer of the IFC comedy Food festival! for two seasons, and currently working at WOIO / WUAB as a video producer for the website CLE Weekend, has performed on Bills with comics such as Reggie Watts, Tig Notaro and Dave Hill. He also co-hosts Keep Talking: A Storytelling Show at the Happy Dog, a monthly event that will return when he’s safe to do so.

A frequent contributor to the popular NPR radio show Moth, Wimbels is a five-time winner of Moth StorySlam. His book Faces of Cleveland highlights the well-known (and lesser-known!) Clevelanders.

The Big Bad B-Movie Show offers a mix of “welcome pieces, comedy sketches, cinematic facts and general chaos”. Viewers can expect guests to the show, such as local comedians, business owners, and celebrities such as The Mummy and the Monkey, to host their own horror movie host show on Facebook.

“Think of our show like SNL, but with a movie – except we don’t have a budget or a celebrity host, and we can’t get any musical acts, ”Durr said in a press release, citing Vampira, Elvira and Ghoulardi of Cleveland as inspirations. “But there will be a rubber spider.”

The centerpiece of each episode is a handpicked vintage B-movie horror flick presented without commentary, as the animators “feel the movies are pretty funny without them,” as Durr puts it.

The program started last weekend with the years 1959 Attack of the giant leechs, a movie of monsters in rubber suits that was shot in eight days.

Other films released this season include Bucket of blood, The gorilla, The hideous solar demon and The devil’s bat.

On the program, Durr and Wimbels portray Leopold and Lenora, two people who have been locked in the movie vault at WUAB for years with only bad B-series movies to watch for entertainment.

“My mom told me when I was five years old I saw Superhost on the WUAB Prize movie show,” Durr says. “He was dressed like a red nosed Superman and was presenting a movie of monsters in rubber suits. I turned to my mom and said, ‘I want this job. “I never thought this would actually happen.”

Wimbels has also been a fan of WUAB programming.

“[WUAB had the] best horror movies edited for weekend TV, as well as the best reruns of syndicated shows, “she says.” I fully credit my deep appreciation of old horror movies and classic TV shows from my childhood without cable. As all of my peers watched MTV and got cooler and cooler, I was enveloped in Rod Serling and The twilight zone, which suited me well. Ultimately, I want this show to make people smile, whether it’s someone who grew up watching beloved Cleveland movie hosts, someone younger who hooks up and ends up loving it. ‘nonsense he sees, or someone who is completely new to b-series movies and hosts. ”

Durr hopes to find a large audience.

“It’s great to produce a local show in Cleveland,” he says. “Hopefully we can bring back a style of television that will bring back memories to older viewers and be engaging enough for younger people.”

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