Meet the cast of Super Mario Bros. Movie: who’s who


The Super Mario Bros movie. finally saw the light of day – well, a trailer did, but it gave us our first glimpse of the stars. Or our first “listening” to the casting, since it is an animated film.

We already knew plenty of voice actors, which is a pretty star-studded cast, with Hollywood celebrities left, right, and center. With the trailer we can see many characters for the first time and hear their voices.

Well, some characters at least, because some were missing from this first teaser. The movie Super Mario Bros. releases April 7, 2023, and hopefully we’ll see and hear more of these characters in the meantime.

Chris Pratt as Mario

Chris Pratt stars as the famous Italian mustache-bearer Mario.

You might know Pratt from little-known indie films like guardians of the galaxythe jurassic world trilogy, tomorrow’s war, The Lego Movie and so much more – he’s one of the biggest and most recognizable stars right now.

As the title suggests, Mario is the main character of the Super Mario Bros movie. The trailer suggests he’ll be doing exactly what he does in the video game series, which is defeating the evil Bowser (and probably saving a princess, too).

The trailer also hints at a fish-out-of-water feature for the plumber, showing him confused about his sudden appearance in the Mushroom Kingdom, though it’s not yet clear if the new film will copy his 1993 film story (and some other Mario works) by bringing him from Brooklyn.

The star isn’t going for an Italian accent, judging by the trailer, which is probably for the best. Instead, he uses his own voice, perhaps mixed with childish play (but not as much as in The Lego Movie).

Charlie Day as Luigi

Mario’s green-clad brother is voiced by Charlie Day.

Day is well known for playing the recurring character of Charlie Kelly in Philadelphia is always sunnybut you may have also seen it in Horrible Bosses, Pacific Rim and I want you to come back – he also played a small voice role in The Lego Movie, alongside Pratt. He’s a veteran comedy actor, so you know Luigi is in good hands.

Luigi is the “Brother” in “Super Mario Bros.” In many multiplayer Mario games, he is the second player. But he also saw his own series of video games, called Luigi’s haunted mansionwhich seems to be what he does in the next movie.

We only see Luigi briefly in the trailer, fleeing from an enemy known in the games as the Dry Bones over lava and in a ruined castle. We don’t hear much of Day’s voice right now, other than an “aah!”

Luigi isn’t shown alongside Mario entering the Mushroom Kingdom, so his role in the film is quite a mystery – we’ll have to wait and see.

Jack Black as Bowser

Mario’s longtime nemesis – and sometimes ally and sometimes race kart adversary, depending on the game – is Bowser. In the film, Jack Black voices the turtle monster.

You might know Jack Black for classics like School of Rock, King Kong Where High fidelitybut it has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years with the Jumanji Movies and Kung Fu Panda.

Bowser is actually the star of the trailer, with the majority of the runtime showing the creature (and his army of Koopas, or little turtles) attacking a castle full of penguins. In the games, Bowser alternates between invading kingdoms and kidnapping princesses. The trailer confirms that he does at least one in the film.

The trailer also shows Bowser living in a giant moving lava lake on wheels, with a bow that looks like his own face, which is a nice baller move.

Bowser’s voice in the trailer sounds surprisingly different from Jack Black’s, but considering the comedic actor is known for his captivating performances, it’s a pleasant surprise.

Anna Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach

Anya Taylor-Joy last night in Soho

Anya Taylor-Joy last night in Soho (Image credit: Focus Features)

One major character we don’t see in the trailer is Princess Peach, who is voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy.

You may have seen this new star of The man from the north, The Queen’s Bet, Last night in Soho and Peaky Blindersfor it has gone from strength to strength recently.

In the Mario games, Princess Peach’s primary role is to be kidnapped by Bowser as a prize for Mario to win back, although we hope her role in the Super Mario Bros movie. is a bit more modern than that. In the defense of games, they have also improved in recent years.

Since the trailer doesn’t show Princess Peach at all, her role is largely unknown, so we’ll have to wait and find out.

Keegan-Michael Key as Toad

We briefly see Toad in the Super Mario Bros movie. trailer, specifically meeting Mario. This character is voiced by Keegan-Michael Key.

You may know Keegan-Michael Key as the key to the Key and Peele Showbut he is also in Keanu, models, and many more comedies. Oh and The predator.

Toad’s role in the Mario games is as Princess Peach’s assistant, and unlike his name, he’s actually just a talking mushroom. He’s one of a race of other fungi (also called toads, but that character’s name is also toad. Yeah, confusing).

However, Toad’s role is also that of protector of the Mushroom Kingdom, and it seems that’s what he does in the trailer, as he prevents Mario from touching a mushroom. Presumably, he will be Mario’s buddy on his adventure.

However, Toad’s role isn’t shown too much in the trailer, so there’s a lot more to discover.

Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong

Seth Rogen

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The Donkey Kong games actually predate the Mario ones, as the red sweater first appeared in the first. donkey kong game two years before Mario Bros. But there have been quite a few crossovers since then.

Donkey Kong is a…giant gorilla. Not a donkey. He’s sometimes a friend and sometimes an enemy to Mario, but since he’s not shown in the trailer, we don’t know which of those he plays in the movie.

But would giant actor Seth Rogen be cast if Donkey Kong didn’t have a major role? The actor, known for starring in comedies like Knocked up, Pineapple Express and Pauland more recently the production The boys and loads more movies and TV shows, is probably one of the biggest names on the list.

Other actors

There are a few other actors confirmed for smaller roles in The movie Super Mario Bros.

Comedy actor Fred Armisen, known for Saturday Night Live and Portlandiaplays Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong’s shrunken grandfather.

Veteran voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson, who you may have heard in Invincible, family guy and american dad, plays Kamek, who is essentially a magical version of Bowser’s Koopa. He is seen briefly in the trailer, magically appearing to introduce Bowser.

Sebastian Maniscalco, who is in green paper, The House and The Irishman, plays a character called Spike. In the games, it’s a type of enemy that launches projectiles at Mario, but it looks like it’s an individual character in the movie.

A small role in the trailer is the Penguin King, and that role is played by Khary Payton, who plays small roles in Invincible and guardians of the galaxy – it’s unclear what role they have beyond what we’ve already seen.

We’ll also hear the voice of Charles Martinet, who has played Mario in many video games, but he doesn’t play Mario in the movie. We don’t really know who he’s going to voice.

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