Meet the Walking Sisters of Greta Gerwig


A few months before its Christmas release, Little woman Fans will be able to meet the new cast in a trailer, which actor Emma Watson teased on Monday.

Little woman, a novel by Louisa May Alcott, was originally published in two volumes from 1868. Since its release it has been adapted into a television musical, an opera, and several different films, two of which are silent.

On Monday, Watson posted a short clip of the film, which appeared as Meg March and others in the film playing with kites at the beach. She did not accompany the clip with any commentary on her part, but the words “trailer tomorrow” were written in the background of the video.

Although the film is based on a book written over 100 years before his birth, director Greta Gerwig said Vanity Fair it sounded like an autobiography.

“When you experience a book, it almost becomes the landscape of your inner life.… It’s part of you, in a deep way,” Gerwig said.

The 2019 version of the film will once again feature the beloved story of the March sisters, played by Florence Pugh, Watson, Eliza Scanlen and Saoirse Ronan during the Civil War.

Meg march

Watson will play the role of Meg, the older sister, who helps support the family by teaching a neighboring family before finding the love of hers. Of the four sisters, Meg is the more traditional in terms of expectations for women at the time.

“Meg, like so many people, just has an overwhelming desire to fit in with the chic girls she’s so different from,” Gerwig said. Vanity Fair.

Jo March

In the role of Jo March, the second older sister, actor Saoirse Ronan will take on the role of the strongest and most determined sister. Characterized as a tomboy and the most independent sister, Jo embarks on a writing career and initially rejects the idea of ​​marriage.

Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of “Little Women” is slated to hit theaters this Christmas, but the trailer is slated for release on Tuesday.
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Beth march

Beth, the shyest of the four March sisters, will be played by actress Eliza Scanlen. Her battle with scarlet fever challenges the family and deeply affects her sisters, especially Jo, to whom she was closest.

“It’s exciting to finally work on a new character, and a character so different from [Sharper Objects’] Amma. I’m excited, “said Scanlen Vanity Lounge.

Amy march

The youngest of the four sisters, Amy is considered the artist of the family and a true young woman. Played by actress Florence Pugh, readers often find Amy the least likeable of sisters due to her self-centered tendencies.

“There’s something so amazing about being bratty and saying it like it is and like, hanging out with those horrible lines that would just sting someone. It’s like… my God, yeah, that’s rude. , but realistically she’s telling the truth, And how wonderful would that be to be honest? And I was like, I know it’s not me, but if I could take something away, [it would be] to be a little more honest, ”Pugh said. Vogue teens.

Théodore “Laurie” Laurence

Timothée Chalamet will take the role of Laurie to the big screen and unlike Joey Tribiani’s initial deduction on Friends’, although named Laurie, the character is a male. Laurie lives next door to the March family and captures the hearts of more than one March sister.

“I loved it in Lady Bird, he’s the one who broke my heart, but I have to break his heart in Little woman“said Ronan Vanity Fair of his Chalamet.

aunt march

A wealthy widow, Aunt March, played by actor Meryl Streep, loves her nieces and wants the best for them, even though she can be difficult.

“Meryl Streep can play any role she wants,” said Robin Swicord, who co-produced the film. Los Angeles Times.

Marmée Mars

Actress Laura Dern has been chosen to play the mother of four March sisters and becomes head of the family during her husband’s absence. Both a hard worker and a devoted mother, Marmee guides her daughters through life, often serving as a moral role model.

The film is slated to hit theaters on Christmas Day, and the trailer is slated to drop on Tuesday.

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