Michael Keaton Gifts Batgirl Directors Signed Batman Returns Movie Book

Michael Keaton has gifted the directors of Batgirl with a signed copy of the official Batman Returns movie book following the unfortunate cancellation of their film.

Michael Keaton donated bat girl directors a special book. After going through various creative changes, Barabara Gordon, aka Batgirl, was finally on track to join the DCEU with a solo film directed by bad boys for life directorial duo Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah, with a screenplay by Birds of prey and the flash writer Christina Hudson. In the heightsActress Leslie Grace was attached to play the lead role, while Keaton and JK Simmons reprized their characters as Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon, respectively. Filming had wrapped in March and all was well with the film until earlier this week when Warner Bros. Discover has made an unprecedented decision and revealed that bat girl had been set aside.


This decision sparked an instant outcry, with fans and Hollywood figures protesting the decision and demanding that the decision be reversed. However, WB later released an official statement on bat girl, pointing out that the film was shelved because newly formed conglomerate WBD is fixing the studio’s streaming strategy. After the WBD press release, El Arbi and Fallah talked about bat girl, expressing their dismay and stating that they deserve to show their work to the world. Many industry bigwigs, including Kevin Feige and James Gunn, have since lent their support to the directors, and the film’s actors are also supporting them during this difficult time.

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Now, El Arbi shared how Keaton showed encouragement to the directing duo following bat girlcancellation. The director posted the thoughtful gift Keaton sent him and Fallah on his Instagram story. The gift in question is a signed copy of the official document Return of Batman movie book, which Keaton personalized with a message of gratitude and appreciation. Take a look at the photo shared by El Arbi below.

Batgirl Gift Michael Keaton Signed Book

Coming from a veteran like Keaton, the gesture surely means a lot, serving as a token of appreciation for the directors. Previously, there were speculations that bat girl was cancelled, in part, because its early screenings were poorly tested, but that rumor was later debunked. Now, Keaton’s acknowledgment of the work of El Arbi and Fallah further proves that bat girl wasn’t so bad after all, and the actor enjoyed his time playing Batman again in the film. Directors frequently referred to Keaton as the “OG Batman”, showing deep admiration for his roles in Burton’s films. Keaton’s gift shows a mutual respect between the actor and the directors – even though they weren’t able to show their work, their collaboration was still a success off-screen.

Keaton’s role as Batman was highly anticipated in bat girl, but with that movie shelved, its DCEU future looks uncertain. Keaton is always ready to appear in the flashbut Ben Affleck would have replaced his Aquaman 2 role, and there are also rumors that DC is unwilling to partner with him moving forward. Still, the actor has surely bonded with El Arbi and Fallah, which could lead to collaborations between the three down the road. There is a lot that everyone has lost because of the bat girl disappointment but the friendships made behind the camera are strong and unwavering, and the whole team of bat girl will continue to cherish them for days to come.

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Source: Adil El Arbi

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