Michael Shannon added to Flash movie cast list


The cast list also includes Antje Traue, who appeared as Faora, General Zod’s staunch right-hand man, in “Man of Steel”.

Michael Shannon as General Zod in the DCEU

A new preview of the 2022 film released by Warner Bros., courtesy of their news site, has revealed that Michael shannon (The shape of water, Knives Out) could make its DCEU comeback in Andy muschietti‘s Flash.

Shannon’s first run in the DCEU was as General Zod in 2013 Steel man and again briefly when Zod was bought out as Doomsday by Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The official list of actors for Flash also includes Antje Traue, who appeared as Faora-Ul, the right-hand man of General Zod in Steel man, who ended up trapped in the Phantom Zone in the film. While it makes sense to assume that Michael Shannon is playing the character again now in Flash, it is not yet known whether he will reprise the role of Zod.


Flash’s story will follow Flashpoint’s story from the comics, which means time travel will be involved. Ultimately, the Flash himself is his own antagonist in this story, as he faces some of his own mistakes that come back to haunt him – especially since those consequences relate to the multiverse. According to the plot summary released by Warner Bros., Miller’s Barry Allen “pushes the limits of his superpowers” in his first solo film, and based on the teaser we saw earlier this year at DC FanDome, which sees him bumping into not only other versions of the DCEU superheroes but other versions of himself.

Image via Warner Bros.

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Flash movie will star Miller as Scarlet Speedster and Ben affleck like Batman, who returns to reprise his role as Justice League. The upcoming DC film will also see the return of Michael keaton as Batman for the first time since 1992 Batman Returns – though it might not be the only DC movie Keaton is returning to, as the actor also appears on the cast list for the upcoming Bat girl movie starring Leslie Grace like Barbara Gordon.

Flash will also be the star Sasha calle like Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons like Iris West, Maribel Verdu like Nora Allen, and Ron livingston, which will replace Billy Crudup as Barry’s father in the DCEU. Muschietti directs from a screenplay by Christina hodson (Birds of prey), which also writes the Bat girl film, with a screen story by Hodson and John Francis Daley & Jonathan goldstein. Barbara muschietti and Michael disco produce, with Walter Hamada, Galien Vaisman, and Marianne Jenkins as executive producers.

Flash is slated to hit theaters on November 4, 2022.

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