Movie Show Reviews: Child 44, The Salvation, Glassland



Paul Whitington of The Independent and Ross O’Neill of Filmfixx join Aoife Kelly to talk about this week’s three big releases – Child 44, The Salvation and the Irish film Glassland

hild 44 has an impressive cast led by Tom Hardy with Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman,

The film stars Hardy as a disgraced Soviet secret police agent who tries to track down a serial child killer in Stalinist-era Russia. He is opposed to a “system-wide cover-up” and those who deny the crimes can exist in a utopian state.

So despite a great cast and a plot full of dramatic potential, unfortunately Paul feels like he falls short of the sum of its parts.

The Salvation is a Danish western starring Mad Mikelson and Eva Green. Set in 1870s America, it features a plot we’ve seen many times before – a peaceful Danish settler kills his family’s murderers, which unleashes the fury of a notorious gang leader.

Although it offers little new, it is magnificent.

Finally, Glassland shares the opinion between Ross and Paul. The Irish film directed by Gerard Barrett and starring Jack Reynor, Toni Collette and Will Poulter tackles the thorny issue of alcohol addiction and it’s a grueling watch.

However, Reynor and Collette have some fantastic scenes together. While Ross thought it might be a little slow, Paul thought it was a beautiful, well-constructed movie.

Check out the full reviews above.

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