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Ti West’s new erotic slasher homage is a high-quality horror affair. Here’s every X character explained, as well as where you know each actor from.

Ti West’s inventive new slasher X packs several larger-than-life characters and a genre-perfect cast. Premiere on March 13, 2022 at SXSW festival and released domestically on March 18, 2022, Ti West’s “erotic slasherX opened to rave reviews. In particular, critics have cited Xthe desire to return to a classic slice-and-dice formula that acts firmly as a poignant homage to slasher classics such as John Carpenter Halloween and Alfred Sole Alice, sweet Alice.

X follows a brash film crew as they arrive at a remote Texas farmhouse to shoot a pornographic film in the late 1970s. Their elderly hosts, at first shocked by the number of cast and crew members involved in the filming, end up taking an interest in the proceedings. However, as night falls, the emotional baggage of this reclusive elderly couple becomes increasingly apparent, leading to violent and bloody consequences.


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XThe already stellar story of is no doubt bolstered by the cast that Ti West recruits for its pitch-perfect slasher. In particular, horror mainstays such as Brittany Snow and 2022’s newly crowned Scream Queen Jenna Ortega perform with aplomb in West’s ode to the risque slashers of yore. Accordingly, here is the cast and character guide for Xas well as where you know each actor from.

Jenna Ortega as Lorraine

Horror Movie X Jenna Ortega

Lorraine, shy but firm, is the sound girl of budding porn pioneer RJ’s production team, as well as RJ’s new girlfriend. As X progresses, Lorraine begins to come out of her shell, even attempting to play in the RJ draft, but her newfound confidence coincides with the murderous intentions of their backcountry hosts. Lorraine is played by Jenna Ortega, who has had a meteoric rise as the new it-girl of the slasher genre in movies. Scream 2022, Workshop 666and The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

Mia Goth as Maxine & Pearl

Mia Goth in A24's X

One of RJ’s film performers, starry-eyed Maxine seems to initially provide grist for Ti West’s slasher mill before becoming her own as the bodies pile up around her, while Pearl is half of the elderly couple who own the farm the film is set at. In a dual role, Mia Goth plays both Maxine and Pearl. Goth is best known for her similar horror roles in movies. Suspiria (2018) and high life. Goth’s will return to play in Ti West’s X prequel, pearlwhich will detail the origins of this character.

Owen Campbell as RJ

RJ is the witty director of the group’s latest porn project, who has big visions for his troupe despite filming their scenes in a run-down barn. However, RJ’s insistence on perfection soon works against him, as his actors begin to disappear one by one. Owen Campbell plays the uncompromising RJ and has starred in similarly themed films such as super dark times and Depraved.

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Cast and Supporting Characters of X

Jenna Ortega in a porn movie poster

Martin Henderson as Wayne: Wayne, the budding adult film producer, is the admittedly limited bank behind RJ’s pornographic vision, as well as Maxine’s boyfriend. Wayne is played by Martin Henderson, who starred in Strangers: prey of the night, Smokin’ Acesand devil’s knot.

Scott Mescudi as Jackson Hole: The aptly named Jackson Hole is an up-and-coming porn actor from the 70s brought on to add star power to the production of RJ & Wayne. Hole is played by Scott Mescudi, who, although still better known by his musical nickname Kid Cudi, has also recently appeared in several high-profile films such as Don’t look up and Bill and Ted face the music.

Brittany Snow as Bobby-Lynne: Bobby-Lynne is an unemployed burlesque dancer introduced in RJ’s film by her boyfriend, Jackson Hole. Bobby-Lynne is played by Brittany Snow, who is no stranger to the horror genre after filming in the prom night redo and would you rather.

Stephen Ure as Howard: Owner of the rickety barn and cabins that RJ’s crew uses, Howard’s murderous motives are quickly exposed to the group. Howard is played by Stephen Ure, who is best known for playing several evil creatures in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

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James Gaylyn as Sheriff Dentler: Sheriff Dentler is the law enforcement officer unwittingly called in to investigate the carnage at Howard’s property in X. Sheriff Dentler is played by James Gaylyn, who is best known for voicing many Power Rangers characters from the original animated series.

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