Murkowski’s challenger blogged about the “evil” of the movie “Twilight” book series: report


Kelly Tshibaka, who announced late last month that she would be launching a challenge against Alaska Sen. Lisa MurkowskiLisa Ann Murkowski Emboldened Trump Targets GOP Enemies The Hill’s 12:30 p.m. Report – Brought to you by Facebook – DC Gears Up for Festival Saturdays and Jan. 6 Protest Republican leaders misjudged Jan. 6 committee MORE (R), supported an organization that promoted so-called conversion therapy and also called the book and film series “Twilight” “evil,” according to a report by CNN’s KFile.

KFile reviewed past articles and blog posts written by Tshibaka, who resigned from his role as commissioner of the Alaska Department of the Administration to launch his campaign in the Senate.

In a blog post in 2009, the GOP Senate candidate said that the popular series ‘Twilight’ “is evil and we should not read or watch it,” specifically arguing that “entertaining and participating in these kinds of activities makes us spiritually vulnerable” .

“It also leaves us open to enemy attacks,” she added of the film series starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

In a 2001 Harvard Law School student newspaper article, titled: “The right side: getting out of homosexuality”, Tshibaka, under her maiden name Kelly Hartline, wrote that homosexuals can “overcome the process of exiting homosexuality” through Christianity.

She also urged homosexuals “not to be controlled by the once-gay-always-gay rhetoric” used to advance political agendas. ”

Tshibaka, who in his campaign ad called himself a member of a “new generation of Alaskan conservatives,” also cited in the 2001 article the work of Exodus International, a former non-profit group. lucrative “ex-gay” who promoted the widely condemned practice of gay conversion therapy.

The organization, which finally gave up on conversion therapy in 2012, officially ceased operations in 2013.

In part of the article, Tshibaka argued that “the most common cause of homosexuality is childhood sexual assault.”

While CNN noted that many posts on Tshibaka’s social media pages were deleted before her Senate campaign began, screenshots and posts found by KFile showed that she was promoting fake allegations about the 2020 election, including arguments of widespread electoral fraud in several states.

In a november editorial, Tshibaka supported investigations into “credible allegations of fraud, suppression of voters and voting irregularities” a few days later President BidenJoe BidenHouse The Democrat threatens to vote against the party’s spending bill if the HBCU does not receive more federal aid. Defense and National Security Overnight – Pentagon’s Deadly Mistake Haitians Stranded in Texas Prolong Biden’s Immigration Problems MORE was screened as the winner of the election.

In response to the CNN report, Tshibaka said in a statement to The Hill: “This is just proof that our campaign is gaining momentum, which is frightening Lisa Murkowski and her allies to death.”

“That’s what CNN is doing. They see a strong Tory candidate taking on a favorite DC insider and they go on the attack,” she added.

Referring to his previous blog post on Twilight Books, Tshibaka said: “Children should definitely read more, but Twilight books ignore Dr Seuss’ books, which are now canceled by the left.”

“I think Alaskans will care more about who will protect their oil and gas jobs than young adult vampire fiction,” she argued.

The Senate candidate also said the student newspaper article was attributed to her by an editor as a counterpoint, adding: “I do not share this view today.”

“I firmly believe that we must treat everyone with respect and dignity,” Tshibaka told The Hill. “I personally believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, but the Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is the law of the land.”

Tshibaka defended his support for investigations into allegations of electoral fraud, telling The Hill: “It makes sense that we apply the same standards that the Democrats set in the 2000 and 2016 presidential elections.”

When announcing her candidacy for the Senate last month, Tshibaka tweeted that she was running for “”represent our conservative Alaskan values.

“We’re going to defeat Lisa Murkowski and show DC insiders what happens when Alaska has strong Conservative leadership!” She added at the time.

Murkowski faced the reaction of the former President TrumpDonald TrumpOvernight Defense & National Security – The Pentagon’s Deadly Mistake Overnight Energy & Environment – Presented by Climate Power – Interior returns BLM headquarters to Washington France draws ambassadors to the United States and Australia to protest the deal on the submarines and his supporters, especially after joining six of his fellow Republican Senate colleagues to vote to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial following the Jan.6 uprising on the U.S. Capitol.

Trump himself has vowed to campaign against Murkowski in 2022, and the Alaskan GOP voted last month to censor its senior senator.

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