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Crossed out by Srikanth Addala, Narappa, a remake of Asuran, takes us back to the 1968 massacre in Kelvalmani, Tamil Nadu and tells us the story of oppressed villagers and their struggle for equal land rights. The film is released today on Amazon Prime.

Narappa true story –

The highly acclaimed star of Dhanush, Asuran, released in 2019, was an adaptation of the novel by Poonamni named Vekkai, translated into english as Heat. The trailer of Narappa gives inspiration from Asuran. Most of the sequences are similar to from Asuran trailer with little change in dialogue and no change in background score. The trailer invited audiences to a distant village where two groups of families are seen trying to hide from the police. What follows are fast-paced fight sequences and dialogue that hint at the movie’s subordinate space.

by Narappa The plot is influenced by the Kilvenmani Massacre that occurred on December 25, 1968, where 44 people from the Dalit community were murdered by a gang allegedly led by their upper caste owners. The deadly incident caused significant changes in the rural economy and the redistribution of land in the region. It has also led to widespread demand for a change in attitude towards castes.

Narappa is essentially a story of the violent revenge of a father who demands the brutal murder of his eldest son. The film explores the battle between the haves and have-nots and the mistreatment of certain castes. He also talks about the struggle for survival and dignity.

Narappa film distribution

Daggubati Venkatesh

Famous Telegu actor was last in 2019 movie Venky mom. Having starred in several films of different genres, Venkatesh stars as Narappa over two periods. In current parts of the film he plays a much older man while in flashbacks he documents the younger version of the character. Venkatesh will play the role of Dhanush in Asuran for this movie.

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Best known for her role as Suchitra Tiwari in The family man, Priyamani plays the role of Narappa’s wife in this movie. She will reflect on the role of Manju Warrier in Asurane.

Karthik Rathnam

Karthik Rathnam, who debuted in the critically acclaimed film C / o Kancharapalem will play the role of the rebellious eldest son of Narappa in the film.

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