National Champions film: distribution, plot and trailers


Have you ever wondered what would happen if gamers decided to boycott the world’s biggest college sports game? This possibility is explored in National Champions, a new movie written by Adam Mervis and directed by Ric Roman Waugh.

New Orleans’ two college football teams, the Cougars and Wolves, will face off in the National Championship when The Marcus JamesWolves’ star quarterback announces that he is going on strike to protest the unfair economic situation.

A focal point of the film is the financial disparity between the coaches and officials who earn millions per year and the players who are considered “Student athletes” rather than professionals. As James put it in a particularly powerful speech: “More than 12,000 of us are participating in a multibillion dollar company it doesn’t even give us health insurance.

National Champions: intrigue

You don’t have to wait long to catch the National Champions, and the film hits theaters in the United States on. Friday December 10. It was originally slated for a November release but has been pushed back.

The film follows the inner workings of a college football team in disarray when star player James and teammate Emmett on Sunday incite a student-player strike just days before the national championship game.

The college game generates billions of dollars in revenue for officials and the threat of canceling the big event is unthinkable for officials. But within hours of kick-off, various power brokers must find a compromise and get the players on the pitch. Otherwise, the college athletic system that has been in place for generations could be destroyed.

National champions: distribution

Much of the film’s push comes from two charismatic characters: star quarterback The Marcus James (Stephan james) and coach James Lazor (Jk simmons).

As the alleged first draft pick for the upcoming NFL season, the player holds some influence in college play and is the one to trigger the strike. James, a black man, finds himself in conflict with the predominantly white faces that rule the game.

Simmons’ character is the patriarch and the pragmatic leader of the team, but one with a compassion that adds real emotional depth to the situation. Coach Lazor is on the verge of a first national championship title when the strike is mentioned.

Other cast members in National Champions include:

Alexander ludwig like Emmett on Sunday

Lil rel howery as Coach Dunn

Tim blake nelson like Rodger

Andrew Baccalaureate like Taylor

Jeffrey Donovan as Mike Titus

David Koechner like Everly

Kristin chenoweth as Bailey Lazor

Timothy Olyphant like Elliott

Uzo aduba like katherine

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