New Horror Channel WUAB Channel 43 Hosts “Big Bad B-Movie Show” This Week: Best of Bad Movies



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Here we are back with more good news for fans of horror series. A new horror host show is set to premiere as “The Big Bad B-movie show” on WUAB Channel 43, which pushes us about the movie show. iconic horror on “Cleveland” with a dash of modern essence.

The show’s hosts, Zachariah Durr and Laura Wimbells, with their behind-the-scenes names Leopold and Lenora are going to entertain us with their sketch and their comedy and with them they are going to give us chills and ghosts every Saturday through his films. of horror.

Inspiration and first episode:

The concept for the show is derived from WJB Channel 8’s “Shock Theater” in which the host was Ghoulardi, “The Frank and Drac Show” premiering on WOIO channel 19, with another show, “Superhost” premiering on WUAB.

The first episode of “The Big Bad B-movie show” will premiere on October 17, 2020, Saturday, which will feature “Attack of the Giant Leeches,” a 1950s creature starring a film that revolved around the life of a backwoods warden and doctor who understood the deaths in the swamps for which giant leeches were responsible and the fact was not believed by local police.


A few words with Zachariah Durr:

Regarding the show, Durr says he grew up watching local TV and also expressed his endless love for comedy and horror. She says the show was like real TV on a budget, which is very perfect for her and her partner. She also revealed that she and her partner are going to have business parodies of different niches.

Durr is a former storyteller. She is a video producer with WUAB and WOIO and began hosting when it launched with the aim of filling the gaps created by the coronavirus pandemic.

A few words with Laura Wimbells:

Photographer, storyteller and actress, Wimbells revealed that she only watched seven channels as a child. And channel 43 was her favorite when she wanted to see a horror movie on the weekends.

I hope everyone will try the show and the show will not disappoint everyone I’m sure !!

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