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M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film, Old, hits theaters this weekend and promises to be another unsettling story with a Shyamalan brand mystery at its heart. While his films have been hit and miss, the peaks of Shyamalan, such as The sixth sense, have been extreme highs, and even some of its lows are starting to be reassessed over time and distance. If nothing else, Shyamalan is to be commended for sticking to his vision every time.

As usual with his films, little is known about the plot of Old, although it is inspired by the Swiss graphic novel Sand castle by Pierre Oscar Lévy and Frederik Peeters. The story follows a family who goes on a tropical vacation and travels to a secluded beach for an afternoon. However, they soon find that something about the beach is making them age quickly, and if they can’t find a way out, they’ll all die within hours.

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While there is a relatively limited number of main characters in the film, there are many more people in the cast as different actors play different characters at different times as they progress rapidly through aging. Here are the cast and characters of M. Night Shyamalan Old, and where you might have seen the cast before.

Gael García Bernal as Guy

Veteran actor Gael García Bernal plays Guy, the film’s protagonist and a dedicated family man who must find a way out of the beach before he and his family die. He is the husband of Prisca and the father of Trent and Maddox and he struggles to keep everyone together as his children grow old in front of him. Guadalajara-born Bernal’s breakout role played Julio Zapata in Alfonso Cuarón Y Tu Mamá Tambíen, and he is also known for Babel, Blindness, the voice of Héctor in Pixar coco, as well as the role of maestro Rodrigo De Souza in television series Mozart in the jungle.

Vicky Krieps as Prisca

Vicky Krieps plays Prisca, Guy’s wife and loving mother to Trent and Maddox. Prisca finds the strange beach online and thinks it is a hidden gem at first, but they soon learn that others have also found out about the beach. The Luxembourgish actress is best known to American audiences for her role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s film Phantom wire, and small roles in The girl with the spider’s web, The last Vermeer, and A very wanted man.

Rufus Sewell as Charles

Rufus Sewell as Charles in Old

Rufus Sewell brings another veteran screen presence to Old. He plays Charles, a middle-aged man married to a much younger trophy wife, Chrystal, and Kara’s father. Sewell has a number of classic and cult films to his credit, including the role of John Murdoch in Dark city, Count Adhémar in The story of a knight, Armand in The Legend of Zorro, Crown Prince Leopold in The illusionist, and Autolycus in Hercules, while his TV credits include The man of the high castle and The pillars of the earth mini-series.

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Abbey Lee as Crystal

Abbey Lee as Chrystal in Old

Abbey Lee plays Chrystal, Charles’ much younger wife and mother of Kara, who at the start of the film is only six years old. As the movie progresses, Chrystal can’t handle Kara’s rapid aging and runs away. Lee started out as a model before becoming an actress with her starring role in Mad Max: Fury Road like the Dag. She is also known for Gods of egypt, The dark tower, The neon demon, and Christmas party in the office, with her gaining a whole new audience in her turn as the ambitious and deceptive Christina Braithwhite in Lovecraft Country.

Aaron Pierre: Mid-size sedan

In Old, Aaron Pierre plays Mid-Sized Sedan, an aspiring rapper on vacation. A classically trained theater actor, Pierre is a newcomer to Hollywood. He first made his mark playing Roman soldier Antonius in the BBC series Brittany before landing a small role of Dav-Em in the ephemeral Krypton, but his leading role was that of this year The Underground Railroad, where he played the escaped slave Caesar.

Ken Leung and Nikki Amuka-Bird as Jarin and Patricia

Ken Leung and Nikki Amuka-Bird play the couple Jarin and Patricia. Leung is a notable actor who is arguably best known for his longtime role as Miles Straume in Lost as well as playing Dr Topher Zia on The night shift. Notable films he’s been in include Detective Stephen Sing in Seen, Kid Omega in X-Men: The Final Showdown, Admiral Statura in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Lloyd Bowman in Red Dragon. Amuka-Bird is known for her work in BBC TV series Gold digger, Luther and Bad girls, and films such as Cargo, The omen, and A private war. Her most notable recent film roles were playing Ms. Steerforth in David Copperfield’s personal story, and Diomika Tsing in Jupiter’s ancestry.

Alex Wolff as Trent (15)

Alex Wolff plays Trent, Guy and Prisca’s son, when he was 15 in the film. Wolff is young but has been playing since childhood, his first notable role being the Nickelodeon show The Naked Brothers Band with his brother, Nat, who is also an actor. Wolff’s role in the breakout movie played Spencer in 2017 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, 2018 follow-up Hereditary, then continued 2019 Jumanji: the next level. It can currently be spotted in Pig alongside Nicolas Cage.

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Thomasin McKenzie as Maddox (16)

Thomasin McKenzie plays Maddox at 16. Daughter of Guy and Prisca, she is very close to her brother Trent. McKenzie’s starring role played Elsa in the Acadamy Award Bunny Jojo, Mary Hearn in True story of the Kelly Gang, and Astrid in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. His notable television roles play the main character in Lucy Lewis can’t lose and Pixie Hannah on Shortland Street.

Eliza Scanlen as Kara (15 years old)

Eliza Scanlen plays the 15-year-old version of Kara, who is only six when Old begin. She undergoes a dramatic aging arc, even suddenly falling pregnant and giving birth in just a few hours. Australian actress Scanlen has only been acting for a few years, with her most notable role being Beth March in Greta Gerwig. Little woman. Audiences will also recognize her as Lenora in The devil all the time, as well as the television series Sharp objects and At home and away.

Former supporting cast

Emun Elliott as Adult Trent – Emun Elliott is known for playing Marillion in Game Of Thrones, Luck in Prometheus, and Brance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Embeth Davidtz as Adult Maddox – Embeth Davidtz is best known for playing Sheila in Army of Darkness, Helen Hirsch in Schindler’s list, Miss Honey in Mathilde, Natasha in Bridget Jones Diary, Annika in The girl with the dragon tattoo, Mary Parker in The Incredible Spider-Man 2 and Rebecca Pryce in Mad Men.

Kathleen Chalfant as Agnes – Charles’ mother and Chrystal’s stepmother, as well as Kara’s grandmother. Chalfant is known to have played Laurie Stolt on The Guardian, Margaret Tilden on Card castle and Margaret Butler on The case.

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Luca Faustino Rodriguez as Trent (11 years old)Old is the first acting role of Luca Faustino Rodriguez.

Nolan River as Trent (6 years old) – Nolan River has had small roles in the film before Negative, and Reginald Veljohnson in an episode of New girl.

Alexa Swinton as Maddox (11) – Alexa Swinton is best known for her roles in two television series, playing Eva Rhoades in Billion and Piper in Emergence.

Mikaya Fisher as Kara (11 years old) – Mikaya Fisher has appeared in films before The Deep and Hibiscus, as well as in an episode of Guys from work.

Old is in theaters Friday, June 23.

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  • Old (2021)Release Date: Jul 23, 2021

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