PawSox Brings ‘Dining on the Diamond’ to ‘Field of Dreams’ Movie Site in Iowa


PAWTUCKET, RI – If you allow them to dine on the diamond, they will come.

Nearly 6,000 people ate a meal on the grounds of McCoy Stadium this summer as part of the “Diamond Dinner” program the team developed after the pandemic called off the minor league baseball season.

Now the PawSox are taking the “Diamond Diner” concept to the road, bringing it to the “Field of Dreams” cinema website in Dyersville, Iowa, which has been a tourist destination since 1989 began the film with Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta.

“Field of Dreams” site operator Go the Distance is teaming up with Diamond Dining, a sister company of PawSox, to offer “Field of Dreams Dining on the Diamond” from the weekend of 11-12 September and continues on several weekend evenings in September and October.

“Our founder, Denise Stillman, dreamed of preserving this special place,” said Tom Mietzel, CEO of Go the Distance, who was married to Stillman until her death in 2018. “She worked tirelessly to provide a special place. for all to enjoy. She would have loved ‘Dinner on the Diamond’ and our team is honored to work with this incredible event.

“We couldn’t be happier to expand ‘Diner on the Diamond’ at the Dyersville, Iowa site, which spawned one of the greatest sports movies ever made,” said Dan Rea, executive vice president of business commercial and real estate development of PawSox.

Rea runs the new business with restaurateur Jason Emmett.

“In particular, we are grateful to Tom Mietzel for his vision and partnership, and to the dear memory of Denise Stillman, who allowed us to bring some of our ‘Dinner on the Diamond’ excitement to the Field of location. Dreams has been such a big part of baseball’s past, present and future, ”Rea said.

McCoy will be hosting “Dining on the Diamond” in the coming weeks, and there is now a waiting list of over 3,600 groups. People eat at tables in the outer field, choosing from a menu that includes staples such as hot dogs, burgers, and chicken fillets, as well as steak tips, barbecue platters, and lobster rolls.

Designed by PawSox Executive Chef Tom Whalen, the Iowa menu will be similar to Pawtucket’s while adding Midwestern touches such as a plate of Iowa pork chops, a pork tenderloin sandwich with fries and sweet corn on a stick.

Go the Distance is undertaking projects such as the construction of an 8,000-person baseball field adjacent to the site’s main field that will host a Major League Baseball game next summer in Iowa, as well as football tournaments. youth baseball with teams from across the country.

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