Please Don’t Destroy the Movie: Cast, Trailer, Release Date

It’s been a crazy few years for Please Don’t Destroy, the lovely pals who have gone from day jobs picking up ice cream and working at the YMCA to writing a weekly segment on Saturday Night Live where Pete Davidson and Taylor Swift call them “three sad virgins”. An honor if I’ve ever heard of it! Now Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy are getting their own buddy movie for the big screen.

According Deadline, the film tells the story of three childhood friends who live and work together. When they decide they don’t like the direction their life is taking, they go in search of a golden treasure rumored to be buried in the nearby mountain. It’s safe to say that chaos and hilarity ensue. Conan O’Brien, Bowen Yang and Meg Stalter from hacks will star alongside the trio in the film.

Marshall, Higgins and Herlihy all wrote the screenplay and will star in and executive produce the film. It marks a major moment for the trio, who met at NYU in 2017 and performed together in New York before their self-produced videos went viral during the shutdowns. They were then hired as writers for season 47 of SNL where they created such gems as “Hard Seltzer”, the premiere of Please Don’t Destroy, which luckily for them was the same night Kim Kardashian hosted the show, included “We Got Her A Cat” with Zoe Kravitz, “Rami Wants A Treat”, featuring Rami Malek and more. In addition to touring New York City improv, their brand of comedy manages to be utterly ridiculous and sweetly heartfelt at the same time.

The production team includes some comedy heavyweights, including Judd Apatow and Mosaic’s Jimmy Miller (of bad teacher) who will produce the feature film. It is led by SNL alum Paul Briganti, who directed dozens of episodes of the series and starred in Obvious child alongside Jenny Slate. More cast members will be announced in the coming weeks, but we have a feeling more comedy stars will join.

Briganti also directs the trio segments on SNL – help bring funny Twitter work to, well, funnier. “He really helped us figure out how to translate our style into something that would play in front of the studio audience, which sometimes requires a little more grip, or bigger, clearer movements,” Marshall said. The Hollywood Reporter Last year. “We’re still figuring that out.”

Unfortunately, Please Don’t Destroy fans will have to wait over a year to see these adorable pals in action. Production is currently underway in North Carolina, where crews are stationed in South Mountains State Park.

“They filmed here in the park on Monday and Tuesday before moving on,” a park ranger told the Shelby Star. “The movie is an NBC Universal comedy, but I don’t know the director/producer or if it has a title. The main actors are part of a group called Please Don’t Destroy, but I don’t know not their names. While it’s true that the group didn’t achieve A-list success, they’re on the right track.

The movie isn’t set to hit theaters until August 18, 2023. At least we have something to look forward to! In the meantime, watch “Three Sad Virgins” below.

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