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Directed by Akarsh Khurana, the new film by Tapsee Pannu Rashmi rocket is now streaming on Zee5. And we can’t wait to binge on it this long weekend. Here is all about the Rashmi rocket trailer and film.

Tapsee Pannu has been busy lately running and improving her fitness regimen. We saw her on the slopes with strong thigh muscles. Yes, she was preparing her new film, Rashmi rocket, playing the role of an athlete for the Indian sports team. He’s now released on Zee5, exhibiting more than his acting chops.

Rashmi rocket true story –

The plot of Rashmi rocket reminded us of Indian professional sprinter Dutee Chand, who also became the first Indian athlete to openly declare himself a member of the LGBTQ + community in 2019. Chand had made headlines and rocked the country, 19 at the time, after having filed a case not only for his disqualification but also for discrimination against athletes for atypical sexual development.

What’s this Rashmi rocket tries to expose – the fate of athletes who undergo gender tests based on their performance.

Rashmi Rocket talks about a village girl who wants to compete in the world championships for India. The runner may have become an inspiration to her home, but things take a pretty dramatic turn when she realizes the exploitation female athletes face in the name of gender testing. When her body type does not conform to the conventional female cut, she is excluded from the sport after being proclaimed “not a woman”. Her achievements, her medals, her fame, everything was snatched from her in seconds when she was accused of lying about her sex and participating in women’s games. Thus begins his battle against the athletics association to regain its respect and maintain its identity and return to the race of life.

Rashmi rocket movie distribution and more –

The way Taapsee Pannu came into character, with an almost perfect athletic body, mannerism and action on the pitch, is what makes Rashmi rocket come out. Priyanshu Painyuli plays an army officer who falls in love with Rashmi and Abhishek Banerjee plays a lawyer who represents her in a human rights case.

Taapsee called Rashmi rocket an “otherwise special” film. She added: “I have always been approached when the script or the director is ready to make the film, but a line of that story fell on my knees in Chennai and from there to becoming a full-fledged film was a feeling that I have never experienced with any other movie before. Everyone was so sure of the story from day one. I am extremely proud of it.

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