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This week’s episode of The cinema show sees Deb and Wade each talking about their favorite Marvel franchises. For Deb, it’s Thor: Love and Thunder and while at the time of recording she may have been excited about a premiere in 2021, she is probably very disappointed with the move to May 2022 for the fourth Thor standalone film. We talk a bit about guardians of the galaxy and Wade wanting to make soundtrack recommendations to the sequel (which had NO chance to come out this year, don’t know where this show gets its information from). Finally, Wade gives us a glimpse of what the original Howard the Duck is up to these days, and we also get stationary visits from a hammer and a possibly rabid raccoon.

Our opinion

As the individual tracks became more and more stereotypical over time, I found myself laughing with both the Raccoon and Howard the Duck tracks. Much of this show is very old in its approach and really geared towards viewers who aren’t easily offended (hence, pretty much everyone living in Los Angeles County). It actually becomes the strength of the series rather than any actual news or information you might learn about any of the movies (note the aforementioned news that is already out of date and comes to the fore during the series). A bunch of jokes from the puppets really breathe, but the special guests helped.

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