Review: The Movie Series Made Batman



The problem with doing a show about movies, your audience has to have some general understanding of the movies you’re talking about. When you’re on a TV show through Syfy, your options should be in the sci-fi arena, which can be a fickle affair as you assume that most of your audience has seen movies that are the subject of discussion. For The movie theater, it becomes obvious when a movie like Harry potter becomes a topic of discussion, a movie and / or a book that I haven’t bothered to see. As such, the whole time Deb and Wade are talking about Harry Potter, I naturally go deaf and don’t know about any of the jokes and gags about the show.

This will be the delicate balancing act that will be Syfy’s The cinema show. If you’re going to make a bunch of Colin Farrell spending jokes, they’ve got to hurt a little. Otherwise, viewers who don’t care about Colin Farrell won’t be aware of any of the gags to be had. This despite the fact that we are talking about a bunch of upcoming movies (like The batman and Travelers) which we hope will be released in the near future, but with the limitations of COVID, release dates are in the air and even how these films will come out is in great doubt. For example, Travelers was scheduled to hit theaters on November 25. Here we are, November 30th, and we have no idea when this movie will be released.

Coming to the rescue is Rory Scovel. The longtime stand-up is a great way to mess things up a bit and make sure we get some laughs that really don’t require any prior knowledge of pop culture. This does not mean The cinema show has no comedic moments outside of the film’s references. The track “End of the World” was pretty funny, and Wade’s naked getaway had some highlights as well. I think it’s the last pieces of the sketch that will keep The cinema show afloat, the films are only the Trojan horse of the order of the series.

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