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Preview (Spoilers below):

Deb and Wade set the season finale on fire. Hosts discuss next Godzilla vs. Kong blockbuster and place their bets to see who wins. Meanwhile, Gary reveals he was once a professional wrestler and accidentally challenges Godzilla’s foe to a wrestling match. Additionally, Deb investigates how sexy Harrison Ford is during their Indiana Jones discussion, and Wade gives his take on one of Deb’s favorite movies, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Our opinion :

It looks like the hosts are ending the season on a high note. How? ‘Or’ What? Why, having wrestling as a central theme, of course. This episode has it all, including a Gary and Mothra matchup, lots of anger, and some of the worst wrestling taunts I’ve ever heard on TV. I’m not a huge wrestling fan myself, but the episode certainly has a way to make it more engaging and hilarious.

It made sense for the show to make a wrestling-themed script as the season finale as the hosts place their bets on who will win in Godzilla vs. Kong. Now this is a game I’ll pay top dollar to see. While Wade believes King Kong will be victorious, Deb was stupid enough to side with Godzilla. No offense to Deb, I think Kong is athletic enough to smash the Giant Lizard to a pulp. This little debate was fun to watch but not as funny as Mothra, who was jealous enough of Godzilla for fighting Kong for him. She expressed her anger at Gary, who goes by wrestler name Frog Dog, in an embarrassing but entertaining wrestling match at the end of the series.

The discussion towards the next one Indiana Jones the sequel only involves whether Harrison Ford is sexy enough to have sex in his 70s. It’s not without moments, as Deb comparing Ford’s level of sex to that of Ben Affleck. However, it would have been nice if they took the time to discuss their additional thoughts on the film. Again, we haven’t heard much about the Indiana Jones following ourselves, so it made sense that they went in that direction.

Fortunately, Wade’s review of one of Deb’s favorite films, Mad Max: Fury Road, managed to recover the episode. Not just because I agree with Wade on the quality of the film, but also because of Deb’s cut of road rage. This segment alone has to be the best part of the episode, in my eyes. I found it incredibly hilarious for several reasons: Deb raged at other drivers with her pot mouth and relativity. Let’s face it; no one likes it when other people do silly things on the road.

The cinema show The wrestling-themed episode is a comedic storyline with a big segment, a good segment, and a correct segment. Most of the humor in the episode had filled my funny bones with delight, especially the road rage segment and Mothra being a wrestler. It’s a smackdown that also served as a proper, painless closing to the show itself.

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