Several Hollywood stars added to the cast of the film Gran Turismo


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There is a strange phenomenon in video game movies. Some are made where the source material has very good action and could be emulated on screen. Then there are movies that are made where an entire narrative element has to be created because the game doesn’t have one to begin with. The upcoming Gran Turismo movie falls into the latter category.

Remember the Need For Speed ​​movie from 2014? The one with Aaron Paul? Sony Pictures’ Gran Turismo kind of feels like another one of those films trying to cash in on the over-the-top/driving action that the Fast and Furious films offer.

If you’re wondering what kind of story can come from this movie, hello, go for it. Apparently, it will follow a true story. A young Gran Turismo player has gaming skills that allow him to become a real racing driver.

GT Academy was a real TV show by SIE and Nissan. Gran Turismo players would go through qualifying races and competitions before training to drive real race cars. The story of the movie Gran Turismo is based on one of these GT Academy participants.

Never Have I Ever’s Darren Barnet was cast as the teenage player. David Harbor will play a retired pilot who mentors Barnet’s character. Orlando Bloom was also introduced as “a hungry marketing executive”.

Production of the Gran Turismo film will soon begin in Hungary. The premier is scheduled for August 11, 2023.

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