Spice World: The Movie Casting Now – Cancer Battle, Stage Collapse, Tragic Death


Whether you wanted to be Baby Spice, Scary Spice, Posh Spice, Ginger Spice, or Sporty Spice, the group was the epitome of girl power in the ’90s, even releasing their own Hollywood movie Spice World: The Movie in 1997.

They weren’t the only music stars to feature in the film, however, with musicians Bob Geldof, Elvis Costello and Elton John even making appearances as themselves.

It was a hit with fans and at the box office, making a whopping $ 100million (£ 74million) after its release.

In addition to the musicians, there were lead roles for huge A-List actors in the film and Daily Star took a look at where some actors are currently located.

Alan cumming

Alan Cumming said Spice World was one of his favorite movie roles

Alan Cumming OBE played Piers, a documentary maker who follows every move of the Spice Girls, and it was Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell herself who asked him to be in the movie.

Alan recalled that Geri had seen him star in Hamlet at the Donmar Warehouse in 1993, and that his performance connected her, having lost her own father days before seeing the show.

In his new memoir, Baggage: Tales from a full packed life released in October 2021, he also talks about the film being one of his favorite movie roles and that the group gave him a card full of messages, including one from Emma Bunton calling him “a special spice boy”.

Having starred in some of the biggest films in the world, including the Bond film Goldeneye and Eyes Wide Shut, he recently voiced Loki in a Marvel Simpsons crossover, appeared in The Prodigal Son TV series, and is listed as appearing. in a number of films currently. in pre-production.

Far from the screens, the bisexual star is married to illustrator Grant Shaffer. They became civil partners in January 2007 and married legally on the fifth anniversary of their union in 2012.

Roger moore

Sir Roger Moore parodied a Bond villain in Spice World
Sir Roger Moore parodied a Bond villain in Spice World

Bond legend Sir Roger Moore made a special appearance in Spice World: The Movie, as director of The Boss who parodied many of the villains he’s faced in Bond, like petting a cat or preparing a martini while chatting with the group.

Roger has had a long acting career and, in addition to Bond films such as A View to a Kill, he has appeared in huge productions such as Curse of the Pink Panther and television series such as Ivanhoe.

Spice World was one of his last major film roles, with Roger appearing in a number of television series before his death at the age of 89 on May 23, 2017.

Richard E Grant

Richard E Grant played Spice Girl Clifford manager
Richard E Grant played Spice Girl Clifford manager

Richard E Grant played The Spice Girl manager Clifford, who sent the band to training camp and brought the band to life on an iconic big red bus in London.

The award-winning actor has been an eternal presence on our screens, appearing in Doctor Who, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Little Vampire, as well as the Marvel series Loki, as classic Loki, a role he said he would love to. come back if asked.

From 1986 he was married to the famous voice coach Joan Washington, with whom he had a daughter Olivia, who also followed in his footsteps in the film industry as a casting director.

However, Joan sadly passed away earlier this year from lung cancer.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: “It is an extraordinary phenomenon to be truly ‘seen’ and ‘known’ by another human, and in Joan I found someone who did both of innately.

“The depth of our grief is reflected in the depth of our love.”

Stephen fry

Stephen Fry featured in one of the film's dream sequences
Stephen Fry featured in one of the film’s dream sequences

Spice World: The Movie is known for its dreamy sequences, and in one of them Stephen Fry plays a judge who brings the group to justice for their crimes against music.

Stephen Fry is a British icon, who rose to fame alongside Spice World: The Movie co-star Hugh Laurie in the Fry and Laurie TV series, although the two did not actually share any scenes from the Spice World movie.

Since then he has also starred in huge films including Wilde and Gosford Park and the Yonderland, Doctor Who and Bones TV series, as well as films such as The Canterville Ghost, which is currently in post-production.

He has been married to his partner Elliot Spencer since 2015.


Rock legend Meat Loaf played bus driver Dennis
Rock legend Meat Loaf played bus driver Dennis

Rock legend Meat Loaf played the lovable Dennis, who drove the big red London bus the Spice Girls lived and traveled on.

He even jokingly refers to his own career and one of his biggest hits in the movie, saying, “I love these girls, and I would do anything for them … but I won’t. not that.”

Throughout his career he has worked with the late Jim Steinman and although there have been reports that the two had an argument, Meat Loaf addressed this rumor in an interview with The Guardian saying, “Jim and I have never quarreled.

“The closest argument we’ve ever had was when he had a million donuts, and he didn’t want to give me one.”

Although known as one of the biggest stars in music in the world, his acting career dates back to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1974, where he played the role of Eddie alongside the Spice World co-star. : The Movie, Richard O’Brien.

Meat Loaf has also appeared in huge films including Fight Club and The 51st State, as well as the release of his latest studio album Braver than we are in 2016.

Most recently, he collaborated with singer Ellen Foley on her album Fighting Words.

He has also been married twice – first to Leslie Aday from 1979 to 2001 and has since married Deborah Gillespie in 2007.

In 2011, the star passed out on stage, then collapsed again in 2016 from dehydration.

Despite the concern, the 2016 collapse sparked controversy as pre-recorded voices could still be heard while he was unconscious on stage.

Then, in 2019, Meat Loaf fell off a stage at a convention and broke his collarbone.

Hugues Laurie

Hugh Laurie played the famous detective Poirot
Hugh Laurie played the famous detective Poirot

Hugh Laurie CBE appears in one of the most surreal scenes of Spice World: The Movie, where he plays the character of Agatha Christie Poirot.

In the scene, he tries to solve a murder, but instead is distracted by Baby Spice.

Hugh’s career could have taken a different turn, having studied anthropology and archeology at Cambridge University.

It was, however, through a huge leading actress that he met close friend and collaborator Stephen Fry, as actress Emma Thompson, who was friends with Hugh, introduced him to Stephen – and as they say , the rest is history.

Since then he has risen to fame in series such as Blackadder, House and recently starred in television series such as Veep and Roadkill.

There was even talk of a Fry and Laurie show reunion, with Hugh telling BBC Radio 2: “We see each other a lot and talk about it a lot.

“I think it could happen, yeah, but I don’t know why we’re both shy about it – ‘No after you, no after you’ – I don’t know why we’re doing this.”

Hugh has been married to Jo Green since 1988 and they have three children together.

Despite his success, Hugh has been open about his battling severe clinical depression and he has regular sessions with a psychotherapist.

Jennifer saunders

Jennifer Saunders character tried to impress Posh Spice in the movie
Jennifer Saunders character tried to impress Posh Spice in the movie

Jennifer Saunders is as stylish in real life as she was in Spice World: The Movie, where she played a fashionable woman trying to impress Posh Spice.

However, after showing off her style to a selfless Posh Spice, the two end up having a conversation about sea creatures after Victoria recently learned about them.

Jennifer has a long friendship with her comedy partner Dawn French whom she met at the Central School of Speech and Drama and performed with her in shows such as French and Saunders Presents and The Comic Strip Presents.

While working on a play with Dawn, Jennifer also admitted that she fell asleep on stage and told podcast host Rob Brydon: “I slowly fell asleep and woke up with Dawn who looked at me like that (gestures) and didn’t help me.

“So I must have been thinking, ‘Where am I and what’s the next line? “”

It was also while working on The Comic Strip Presents that she met her husband Adrian Edmondson, known for his work, most notably The Young Ones – a show in which French and Saunders also appeared.

They have been married since 1985 and have three children together.

In addition to roles in shows such as Absolutely Fabulous with Joanna Lumley, Jennifer recently starred in the hit Netflix series The Stranger in 2020 and completed work on the movie Death on the Nile.

In 2009, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she did not announce it until a year later, explaining that she was in remission after surgery as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Richard o’brien

Richard O'Brien played sneaky photographer Damian
Richard O’Brien played sneaky photographer Damian

Richard O’Brien played sneaky photographer Damian, who soon learns his mistake and begs the Spice Girls for forgiveness.

He himself is one of the biggest music stars in the world, having written and performed on The Rocky Horror Show, and rose to prominence as the host of the legendary game show The Crystal Maze.

Since then he has also starred in other Hollywood movies, including Ever After alongside Drew Barrymore.

O’Brien suffered a stroke in 2020, telling The Guardian he “hadn’t noticed that something was desperately wrong”, when he collapsed on the floor.

The legendary presenter was found by his wife at their home in New Zealand and has since recovered, continuing to work on audio dramas such as The Barren Author and the Disney film Phineas and Ferb: Candace Against the Universe in 2020.

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