Svekla wrote plans for film, book deal in prison letters, murder trial announced



Suspected killer Thomas Svekla wrote letters from prison to a woman he called his “Sugar Mama,” outlining plans for a film and book contract, an Edmonton court said on Wednesday.

The letters were presented as evidence during Svekla’s murder trial in the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Svekla, 39, wrote that he was already working on the titles of a book and movie based on his case and was proving his innocence. The book would be called He is not a reader, probably referring to the fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter from the 1991 film Thesilenceofthelambs. He said the movie, The man they thought they had would be produced by Fox.

Teri Koch, the woman Svekla called Sugar Mama, said she still considered him a friend despite his two second degree murder charges in the deaths of sex workers Theresa Innes, 36, and Rachel Quinney, 19 years old.

“We were friends. I still love her,” said Koch, 53, who met Svekla at her job at a dental clinic in High Level, Alta., In 2005. She said the two had always had one. platonic relationship and she did everything for him, including buying him clothes and driving him around town.

Koch reveals disturbing conversations

Koch also testified that two days before Svekla allegedly transported Innes’s body from High Level to Fort Saskatchewan, near Edmonton, he asked her, “How far would you be willing to go for our friendship?” ?

She told the court that she replied, “Not far, why? You killed your girlfriend and you want me to help you get rid of the body?

Koch said Svekla asked him, “If I told you I killed my girlfriend, would you tell the cops?” She added that she said no because she wouldn’t want to get involved.

She also recounted another exchange between the couple, telling the court that when Svekla told her he had once found a body – belonging to Quinney in a field outside of Edmonton – she jokingly responded that ‘he was probably responsible for the murder of sex workers in Edmonton. .

She replied that he asked her what she would do if he was behind the deaths. “There wasn’t much I could do,” she replied. “I’m not a prostitute so I would be safe I guess.”

Former roommate binds Svekla, Quinney

Also on Wednesday, a man who shared a townhouse in Edmonton with Svekla testified that he met Rachel Quinney in the kitchen one morning in March 2004.

Randy Munian told court he loaned Svekla and a woman he identifies as Quinney a CD, the rapper’s album 50 Cent To become rich or die trying. He said the woman looked like she hadn’t slept in days and told him, “Some guys call me Sweetie Pie. But you’re cute… you can call me Rachel.

He said the next morning Svekla and Quinney were gone, as was the CD. Munian told the court that when he complained about the loss of the album, Svekla told him, “Rachel wouldn’t do something like that… Quinney isn’t like that.

Svekla has denied knowing any of his alleged victims well.

On cross-examination, Munian admitted that he could not identify Quinney in a series of photos.

On Tuesday, witnesses said Svekla was seen with the other alleged victim, Theresa Innes.

When the trial began on February 19, Svekla pleaded not guilty to the deaths of Innes and Quinney. He also pleaded not guilty to two counts of contempt of body.

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