The best financial apps for your iOS device

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If you’ve ever needed to search for financing online and quickly, chances are it’s because an unforeseen expense has arisen that has thrown your finances out of balance in the short to medium term. This is not something that should embarrass us, after all, we are living in a time of crisis and it is more and more normal and common to enter and exit financially complicated situations. An easy way to access loans online is to Credit portal where despite rapid loans, it is important to consider that to avoid this type of uncomfortable situation, we must actively work to improve our finances and make them more robust, secure and flexible. Crises come and go and we must prepare for them.

On the other hand, we know that technology in virtually every respect has made our lives easier thanks to the accessibility to an amazing capacity of virtual tools. In this article, we will present a series of applications that specialize in managing our personal finances. Although it seems a complicated task, especially for those who have never worked too hard to balance their expenses and income, to plan budgets or to keep careful control of traditional and ongoing debts, investments, credits and loans. line, the applications that we are going to show below will be of great help as almost all of them emphasize an intuitive layout and a simple but powerful and useful experience for their users.


Available in the App Store for only 1.79 euros. The most interesting thing about this app is that it offers the authoring feature wallets Shared with friends and family, which is especially useful when we have children and want to manage a shared budget with them, so that everyone can develop a sense of finances and saving. In addition to this unique feature, we will also have reminders, alerts that indicate that we are over budget and useful charts and tables allow us to track our spending with great precision. If to all this we add the fact that we can link our bank accounts to make sure that all our expenses are saved for sure, we find an extremely complete application that adapts to almost all types of users.

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